Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game 3 - 2010 @ Minnesota Vikings


This game was just filled with mistakes. Mistakes by nearly every player on the team (from Hanson to Hill, Pettigrew to well, yeah, pretty much every player on the team); from the Lions coaching staff; from the officiating crew; even from the Vikings (just not as many as the other three).

It was like the Lions were a team that was recently near the bottom of the league and only just begun to climb... while the Vikings were a Favre INT away from the superbowl. Actually, it was like that because that is what it is. The difference being the Vikings are by no means playing at the level they were playing at last year. The Lions on the other hand, are playing their backup QB and a bunch of defensive guys that almost everyone on the planet knows will be replaced next year (assuming another great draft).

The backup QB explains some of the offensive woes, but not all of them. Pettigrew still needs to catch the ball, as do ALL the other wide receivers, when they get their hands on it. A WR hint if you will: Do NOT start your run until you have actually CAUGHT the ball... stupid mistake. CJ needs to do more to get open all on his own instead of counting on others to do it for him. Lots of offensive mistakes, way too many for an offense that is supposed to be nearly "built".

Best needs to be healthy as the backup RB isn't nearly as good (regardless of name). No, Best being injured isn't a mistake, just another issue to overcome but it is a reason why other RBs are on the field but the play calling didn't change. The play calling needs to open up as playing "safe" isn't going to get'er done. The only way to beat Favre (hasn't changed since 1993 really) is to pressure him, hit him hard, hurry him and trap him in the pocket. The Lions managed only a small handful of this in this game. I believe more could've been done (yes, at risk of less so-called coverage downfield).

Jason Hanson isn't helping build confidence with this coaching staff. Whiffing the catch doesn't either if you are a return man (and it's your main job). Mistakes on special teams another no excuse issue.

Now defense, they actually have reasons for some mistakes. The Lions are not finished building the defense yet... and many young non-household names have starting jobs that could be theirs to keep IF they would only seize the moment. They are not. Some may not get many more chances (like CC Brown for example). Others will get more chances but had better start improving. Overall though, even if mistakes are expected on the defense, there were too many of them to overcome.

The officiating crew needs to know that throwing or fumbling a ball behind the QB is a live ball regardless of what you want to call it. Some officials need to get mandatory eye exams as well... other plays were often quite questionable if not outright mistakes.

I am not upset... I really don't care if the Lions make 7 wins like I predicted or only 5 wins and get a better draft spot. I would like some entertaining games to watch though... this was not one of them. Too many mistakes by players, coaches and officials.

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