Friday, January 5, 2007

Got that one wrong

Yeah, Millen and Marinelli stayed, and so far so has Martz. I just didn't see Henderson getting fired for the son-in-law (figured he end up the d-line coach). I do not like the fact that Breightol was canned, if it was indeed because of Martz.... well, Martz may only be here one more year, our OLine coach was good enough to stay longer then that. Never saw Preifer retiring either. I guess that makes my prediction about half right. (sigh)

Now we'll see what happens from here. Many think the Lions will draft a QB in the 1st round. I have to think that will not be so. Neither Millen nor Marinelli can withstand another 3-13 season, they need help NOW. Plus, if they don't create a winning season, the next coaching staff will have their own ideas on who should be QB, so drafting one in 2007 seems wrong in every way to me. A MLB or DE is the way to go, I'm sure of it, at least, in January I'm sure of it.