Monday, January 31, 2011

NFL CBA ideas

A fellow numbers guy and I have been working on "thinking outside the box" a little and came up with some CBA ideas that might work for both sides should both sides ever decide to actually start work on a new CBA. I'll be making some changes to it after receiving feedback and will blog those thoughts here, the link to the ideas is:

I also ran across the following article from a fellow blogger which explains things in somewhat plain language as to why there are two sides to begin with.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Game 16 - Minnesota Vikings @ Home

No longer the worst team.

With today's win over the Minnesota Vikings the Lions end the season at 6-10 following a 4 game win streak (last accomplished in 1999). They will be drafting between 10 and 14 with the final draft position to be determined later tonight. They also finish 3rd in the NFC North Division with the Vikings taking the last (4th) spot.

Not a bad way to end the year for a team that is rebuilding from 8 years of Matt Millen in charge and their 0-16 season just 2 years ago.

Bodes well for the future as well, assuming there is a season in 2011 (CBA and Lockout issues being the factor there).

Some other notes: Calvin Johnson did not play. Matt Stafford is on IR and did not play. The backup RT got hurt during the game and was replaced by the Lions 4th round draft pick in 2010 Jason Fox. And of course, Jahvid Best is stilling playing on two turf toes. On defense, Peterson was a healthy scratch, probably signifying that last week was his last game as a Detroit Lion. Other then Delmas, none of the Lions starting DBs started. KVB and Follett were both out as well of course. Got to say, despite the large number of injured, the Lions have a good system and some good depth. Look for some more talent to be added to the team this coming off season and then look for the Lions to push for a playoff spot. It's time.

Speaking as a fan, it feels good to win (for a change). To the players, it feels even better. To the coaches, front office, even the press, it just feels great NOT BEING THE WORST TEAM IN FOOTBALL. I'm not talking 2nd worse, or 3rd either. But middle of the pack and headed up... or trending up as Coach Schwartz would say.

So it's time for another off season, time to start researching some draft options, time for free agency (and a new CBA) in March. But it's also time to expect the Lions to win week 1 next year, never mind who the opponent is or will be, and time to expect the team to make the playoffs. Most of all, it's time for some other team to be the worst team in football.

Go Lions!