Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The 2015 Detroit Lions Draft (Mock Scenarios)

The 2015 NFL draft is starting tomorrow night (or if you are reading this on Thursday, it starts tonight). So how will they actually do, who will they actually select? No one really has any idea. In fact, the Lions themselves have mocked it multiple times to be prepared for however the draft may fall yet by sitting at pick number 23 they won't have hit on the correct one even now... there are just too many scenarios that could play out, not just 23, since someone could (and likely will) trade into the first round above them to really throw a wrench into it. The only scenario I hope they skipped out of was trading up, I fail to see how giving away picks can make you a better team if you are trying to build your team through the draft, which the Lions are supposedly trying to do.

Since the Lions do not know who they will pick yet it's nigh on impossible for me to do it for them. But I will try anyway, because it's fun. Because I have all this time into it anyway so why not. Because, who knows, maybe I'm even right! So first I resist all temptation to move up in the draft to target a player, then when on the clock I listen to all offers to see if anyone else is crazy enough to want to move up to be able to get a good deal and trade down, garnering more picks. If there is no solid (or better) offer I make the selection... and that would be:

RT/G/LT La'el Collins from LSU. He's the 14th ranked player on my board and still available because of a police investigation that the police have stated does not include him as a suspect (heard they wanted him for maternity evaluation). He chose to leave Chicago and his one chance in life of being on TV for the draft to do what the police requested of him. Between what the police stated, how he handled this matter, and all previous contact with him most doubts are squashed and the selection is made. Now of course that's what I would do if he was still undrafted, what the Lions actually do is possibly another matter, the top 5 possibilities here are (of course, this is in my opinion):

RB Melvin (Mel) Gordon - Wisconsin
DT Arik Armstead - Oregon
DT Eddie Goldman - Florida State
OT T.J. Clemmings - Pittsburgh
RB Todd Gurley - Georgia

Mainly because these 3 will already be gone:
DT Malcom Brown - Texas
WR DeVante Parker - Louisville
OT La'el Collins - LSU

and these two are not on the contact list, of course that could mean we just missed them or that the Lions didn't want to tip anyone off by being caught contacting them:

C Cameron Erving - Florida State
OT Ereck Flowers - Miami (Fla.)

Why is it important to be on the contact list? Because in the past most draft picks were, not always, but most of the time.

Any of these options will make the team better. Some even fill an important need. All could easily find a roster spot. So any of them are indeed possible unless there is a trade down, and even then some of them are still possible.

Okay, now it's Friday and round 2 begins. Assuming someone that will play on the offensive line was taken on Thursday night then in the 2nd round we can look at all positions other then that. My selection for the Lions, if the phones don't ring, would now be:

DT Michael Bennett - Ohio State. Ranked 52nd on my big board, fills a definite need, is unlikely to have his equal be available later in the draft, and is ranked as a possible first round option by some of the scouts. In other words, he would play a lot of snaps during his rookie year while he learns the NFL game.

Who else might the Lions select instead, or in case Michael is already on another team? The contact list and my big board would include these players:

DT Jordan Phillips - Oklahoma
DE Preston Smith - Mississippi State
OT D.J. Humphries - Florida
DT Carl Davis - Iowa
DE Nate Orchard - Utah
RB Jay Ajayi - Boise State
CB/S Quinten Rollins - Miami (Ohio)
CB/S P.J. Williams - Florida State
WR Devin Smith - Ohio State
WR Devin Funchess - Michigan
WR Nelson Agholor - Southern California
QB Brett Hundley - UCLA
RB Duke Johnson - Miami (Fla.)
RB Ameer Abdullah - Nebraska
RB Tevin Coleman - Indiana
OG Laken Tomlinson - Duke

Why so many names? The Lions did their due diligence on a lot of players because you never really know who will be available when they are on the clock... and you never know what kind of trade offers you may receive, not only in the first round but in round 2 as well... and because you don't know who you will get in the first round so you don't know what positions you need to still look at in round 2. Why so many running backs and wide receivers? Because sooner or later one of which (or more) will be selected. Does that mean they will in fact go offense again this round? No. Does that mean they won't? No. This selection will not be based on the previous one so much as making sure there is a roster spot for the pick. If you drafted a RT in round 1 you aren't going to take a RT in round 2; but might take a guard, or a RB, or a WR, or whomever. The above players might be available during round 2 and they are on the contact list and that is why I have shown them here. I would take DT Michael Bennett if he's still on the board, I'm hopeful the Lions would too, but that remains to be seen. Now if the Lions did take a DT in round 1 then I would change my selection in round 2 to OL D.J. Humphries, assuming he was not yet taken.

On to round 3... the Lions may have addressed the trenches with their first two picks and they can't really expect their 3rd round pick to be a starter in his rookie year UNLESS he plays guard, or will split RB duties, or will be a backup WR and also the kick returner. So if he's available (and I truly hope he is but probably won't be) my selection would be:

WR Tyler Lockett - Kansas State. If he's still undrafted when the Lions pick I fully expect this to be their selection as it would be mine. However, it's a long way for Tyler to last so the other options now are:

RB Jeremy Langford - Michigan State
C Reese Dismukes - Auburn
OG Ali Marpet - Hobart
OG Tre' Jackson - Florida State
RB David Johnson - Northern Iowa
WR Tre' McBride - William & Mary
CB Doran Grant - Ohio State
WR Justin Hardy - East Carolina

The Lions also have a number of DTs, DEs, FS, SS, OTs and others on their contact list, so if they went RB or WR or OG earlier then those names would come into play. I'm not going to list all of them here simply because I don't think it's going to happen that way... so I may have to scamper to fix this between Thursday night and Friday night if things don't go so well in round 1.

The Lions don't currently have a 4th round pick BUT they may pick one up via trade. It could be a player, a pick earlier in the draft, or even a 3rd rounder from 2016. IF they end up getting a 4th rounder then my pick would be:

RB Javorius (Buck) Allen - Southern California. He will drop in the draft as he's not considered an every down running back at this point in time, though he could develop into one. What he is is a pass blocking pass catching type RB... exactly what the Lions lost when they cut Reggie Bush. A backup to Riddick, or someone who can beat him out of his roster spot during camp. Someone who can get snaps in his rookie year. A co-starter. Now the Lions may not end up with a 4th round pick and may have to wait until round 5 for their next selection, it's possible Buck will last that long too... or any of these other players could end being a Lion, or even two of them should the Lions acquire an extra pick before round 6 starts.

CB Eric Rowe - Utah
CB Steven (Steve) Nelson - Oregon State
WR Tony Lippett - Michigan State
OG Jamil Douglas - Arizona State
OG Jeremiah Poutasi - Utah
WR Kenny Bell - Nebraska
WR Chris Conley - Georgia
RB Malcolm Brown - Texas

and once again there are a number of other names both on and off the contact list that I could add here but will wait until Friday night/Saturday noon to add after I see what the first 3 rounds bring.

Now we get to round 6, finally, sometime Saturday afternoon and for the Lions I select:

OG Ben Beckwith - Mississippi State. Big Ben is 6'4" tall and weights in at 317 pounds. Some other options the Lions may consider include those above who dropped into round 6 plus these names:

WR Titus Davis - Central Michigan
DT Louis Trinca-Pasat - Iowa
WR Jamarcus (JJ) Nelson - UAB
RB Marcus Murphy - Missouri
RB John Crockett - North Dakota State
QB Brandon Bridge - South Alabama

Now I got to admit, drafting a WR with the first name of Titus gives me the shivers but the guy shouldn't be punished for what his parents named him. Also, QB Brandon Bridge I fully expect will make it until after the draft as an undrafted free agent and still be signed by the Lions but they might not want to take that chance.

In the 7th round you usually don't expect to find a starter but there is one position that needs to be addressed on the team yet and a rookie could fill that starting role... so my pick if he's still on my board is:

TE/FB Jimmay Mundine - Kansas. Fullbacks tend to end up undrafted but I can see the Lions wanting to get a full slate of contributors out of this draft and this would do the job nicely. A few other options if he's gone are:

FB Jalston Fowler - Alabama
QB Brandon Bridge - South Alabama
S Brian Blechen - Utah
OLB/DE Marcus Rush - Michigan State

Then after the draft all of these names above are in play along with:

K Kyle Brindza (camp kicker)
G Antoine Everett
DT Angelo Blackson
WR/KR Kaelin Clay
So there you have it... my Lions mock and other possibilities based on my big board, the Lions roster needs, and the contact list. Just to summarize it for you, not by round but by selection:

1. RT/G/LT La'el Collins - LSU (or Clemings, or Erving, or Flowers or anyone OL)
2. DT Michael Bennett - Ohio State (or other DT)
3. WR Tyler Lockett - Kansas State (or other kick returner)
4. RB Javorius (Buck) Allen - Southern California (or other RB for the RBBC)
5. OG Ben Beckwith - Mississippi State (or other guard)
6. TE/FB Jimmay Mundine - Kansas (or other fullback)

and every single one of my picks would get playing time their rookie year... some of them significant playing time.

Now we wait to see what will really happen. Enjoy.

Monday, April 20, 2015

2015 Detroit Lions Draft (pre-analysis)

It's time to see what the Lions have been up to this off season and what that could lead to in the 2015 NFL Draft that begins April 30th in Chicago. Pulling from a number of sources I offer the following information and analysis:

From the official website of the Detroit Lions ( I took their transaction list, re-sorted it from oldest to newest, added the draft picks actually traded, and come up with the following off season moves to date:

1/7/2015: The Detroit Lions sign C Taylor Boggs, C Braxston Cave, WR Skye Dawson, LB Jerrell Harris, DT Kerry Hyder, FB Emil Igwenagu, DB Nate Ness, WR Andrew Peacock, DT Roy Philon, DT Xavier Proctor, TE Jordan Thompson and OT Michael Williams to 2015 Reserve/Future contracts.
1/8/2015: The Detroit Lions have signed DB Crezdon Butler to a 2015 Reserve/Future contract.
1/10/2015: The Detroit Lions sign DT Jermelle Cudjo to a 2015 Reserve/Future contract.
2/3/2015: The Detroit Lions release TE Ifeanyi Momah.
2/6/2015: The Detroit Lions sign C Darren Keyton.
2/25/2015: The Detroit Lions release RB Reggie Bush.
2/27/2015: The Detroit Lions re-sign LS Don Muhlbach.
2/27/2015: The Detroit Lions sign DE Phillip Hunt.
3/2/2015: The Detroit Lions re-sign QB Dan Orlovsky.
3/2/2015: The Detroit Lions re-sign DL Darryl Tapp.
3/6/2015: The Detroit Lions re-sign K Matt Prater.
3/6/2015: The Detroit Lions re-sign QB Kellen Moore.
3/10/2015: The Detroit Lions re-sign LB Josh Bynes.
3/11/2015: The Detroit Lions have traded a 5th and a 6th round draft pick for DT Haloti Ngata and a 7th round draft pick from the Baltimore Ravens.
3/11/2015: The Detroit Lions re-sign safety Isa Abdul-Quddus.
3/13/2015: The Detroit Lions sign DT Tyrunn Walker.
3/19/2015: The Detroit Lions re-sign CB Rashean Mathis.
4/7/2015: The Detroit Lions sign LB Brandon Copeland and CB Josh Wilson.
4/15/2015: The Detroit Lions have traded DE George Johnson and a 7th round draft pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 5th round draft pick.

I then took the transaction list and using data from a minimum of three sources created my 2015 Lions salary cap chart located at I then confirmed the final total with the NFL Players Union (the NFLPA) at I can confirm the Lions currently have 66 players under contract or tendered (as in a restricted free agent offer) and due to only the top 51 contracts counting against the salary cap this time of the year they have $5,202,293 in available salary cap space (as of the date of this blog entry).

Confirming the information once again at the official Lions website, the Lions now have the following draft picks:
Round . Pick . Overall pick
1 ..... 23 ..... 23
2 ..... 22 ..... 54
3 ..... 24 ..... 88
5 ..... 32 .... 168
6 ..... 24 .... 200
7 ..... 23 .... 240

They were not awarded any compensatory draft picks this year as they signed too many free agents last year, an explanation of compensatory draft picks and the 2014 free agent moves that affected the 2015 comp picks is at (click on the 2015 tab). You will find links there to the super secret formula the NFL apparently uses to compute these picks and also, by clicking on the 2016 tab, you can see that so far the Lions are doing everything right in 2015 to gain as many as the maximum four picks in the 2016 draft... a feat they have not accomplished in a very long time. A feat that many of the top teams utilize year in and year out to garner more draft picks and thus have a higher percentage of young talent added to their team allowing them to ... oh anyway, the Lions are sitting pretty for next year's draft (and they have a ton of free cap space next year as well).

Next I have a couple of people who are active in my forum (thank you Captain and LionHawk and all the others who chip in) who keep track of all Lions contacts, not just the 30 invites to Allen Park but also contacts at pro-days, the Senior bowl, the east-west Shrine game, the combine, and many other locations. In the past we have been able to narrow down the Lions possible draft picks by looking at this contact list, some years including every pick and in others missing half or fewer. That means when complete this contact list will have anywhere from 3 to all 6 of the Lions picks on it. The list is updated regularly at (you'll need to join the forum).

I also use my salary cap chart to create an estimated depth chart. At the bottom there are multiple tabs and I am currently on the "pre-draft" tab in attempting to estimate the Lions likeliest final 53 what with the current roster and potential future moves (ie: the draft, and after that, some more free agency). The link to the estimated depth chart can be found at

Finally, I tie all of this up with my best estimate of BAPTFAN (Best Available Player That Fills Any Need), a variation of BPA (or Best Player Available) that many teams use in having a successful draft. The description for this, in fact my entire pre-draft article from last year, can be found at and my personally created Big Board (top 100 are at to provide you with the following roster analysis and scenarios that could play out in the 2015 draft.

It is possible the Lions will stand pat with Quarterbacks Matthew Stafford, Dan Orlovsky and Kellen Moore. It's also possible that if at any time during the draft a QB they like is one of the best players available they may consider a competition in camp for the 3rd QB position. By all accounts however, this is not exactly a deep draft for QB in the later rounds (where the Lions can afford to look for a #3 QB) so it's much more likely they will pick up a camp QB in the undrafted ranks. Brandon Bridge from South Alabama, should he not get drafted, might be their target here (he is on the contact list). Another that I like is Cody Fajardo from Nevada, but to date he is not on the Lions contact list. By picking up an undrafted QB they will likely keep both Orlovsky and Moore instead of them competing for the #2 spot (and keeping the mid-to-late-round draft pick QB as the #3, such as Brett Hundley or Bryce Petty) knowing they can cut and likely sign the UDFA to the practice squad later.

Everyone assumes that since the Lions cut RB Reggie Bush that they will automatically be looking to draft a Running Back in the 2015 draft. It is entirely possible the Lions are quite prepared to go into this season with Joique Bell, Theo Riddick and George Winn as the running back corp. It's also possible they will, after mid-March when it will no longer count against the compensatory picks for next year, sign a free agent RB such as Knowshon Moreno, Pierre Thomas or Ahmad Bradshaw among others. Even if they do sign a free agent they may still draft a running back in the draft, only later on. The Lions contact list at RB currently includes two first rounders, a first/second rounder, three pure second rounders, two third rounders, a fourth, a sixth and a seventh rounder along with two probably undrafted players. With a spread like that it's obvious to me they are looking at all rounds as a potential spot to land a RB this year to join the corp they already have. I will be keeping an eye on Jay Ajayi, but he's not the only one on my watch list.

After drafting Eric Ebron last year it's pretty much assumed that he, Brandon Pettigrew (who's salary is guaranteed and will not be cut this year), and Joseph Fauria will be the entire TE corp. That's pretty much the likeliest scenario, but the Lions are in need of a blocking TE, or perhaps a combo fullback/tightend, someone versatile enough to both block very well and catch the occasional pass or two per game. The Lions have on their contact list currently a second rounder and two potential undrafted players. I suspect Jimmay Mundine just might get a call from the Lions after the draft if he makes it to that point.

At WR the Lions currently have Calvin Johnson and his backup Corey Fuller, Golden Tate and his backup Ryan Broyles, then there's T.J. Jones, Andrew Peacock, and Skye Dawson fighting for a roster spot. In the past Jeremy Ross would be penciled in for the last WR spot, as both depth at WR and the kick/punt returner... and the Lions did indeed re-sign him... but it is in my estimation the Lions will indeed draft another WR this year, if not two, and at least one of them will have had experience at returning kicks, and will have been fairly successful at it as well. I am confident that Jeremy Ross will have big time competition in camp this year for his roster spot. It's also possible that one of the other groups mentioned above will also have competition in camp for a roster spot. The Lions contact list contains more WRs then any other position, many of them 1st and 2nd rounders. Many more 4th round through undrafted. But the one name that keeps me thinking WR in the 3rd (if he's still there) is Tyler Lockett.

We're all done with offense... except for the most important part... the offensive line. With Dominic Raiola told he won't be coming back the Lions have begun the process of changing what was perhaps the worst unit on the offense. Meanwhile, Rob Sims has not yet been re-signed, by the Lions or any other team for that matter, despite his game improving significantly towards the end of the season as his health improved. Riley Reiff has been okay at left tackle but certainly no one will confuse him with pro-bowl talent at present. Warford, when he stays healthy, is perhaps the best player on the OL. Meanwhile, Waddle who did well at the start of his forced playing time has slipped a little of late and has also become somewhat unreliable (to be available to play) due to constant injuries. What free agents the Lions get later on (probably Sims to a one year vet deal) and what competition they will bring in to bolster the trenches on offense is still wide open, but it's almost guaranteed that there will indeed be new blood. The contact list currently has 16 OL names on it, with more to come. Look for both a guard and a tackle to have their names called during the course of this draft.

What does one of the top defenses in the NFL last year need in this draft? Most would say a defensive tackle. Most would be correct. Oh sure, the Lions could go with Tyrunn Walker, Haloti Ngata, Caraun Reid and then either sign (or re-sign) a free agent DT to compete with Kerry Hyder, Roy Philon, Jermelle Cudjo, and Xavier Proctor for the final spot or two on the DL, but it's almost guaranteed that at least one DT will be selected at some point in this draft. First round? Not necessarily! Just because Suh and Fairley left in free agency does not mean the Lions are desperate and will take a DT that early. Doesn't mean they won't either. With 14 DTs on the contact list (and 5 DE's) it's even possible they will select more then one. It just so happens 6 of the DTs on the contact list could go in the first round and it also so happens that it's pretty good value at 23 in the first round to draft one, if he's ranked high enough.

I fully expect the DEs in 2015 to be Jason Jones, Darryl Tapp, Ziggy Ansah, and Larry Webster. That said, they could keep a 5th or bring in strong competition for Darryl Tapp's roster spot. That spot could also be won by Devin Taylor or Phillip Hunt as well. I think it would take a mighty good DE for the Lions to select one in this year's draft.

At Linebacker the Lions are very strong. Deandre Levy, Kyle Van Noy, Tahir Whitehead, Stephen Tulloch, Travis Lewis, Brandon Copeland, and Josh Bynes won't even need competition from the draft to make this a competitive situation. A camp body/practice squad candidate is still an option, but highly unlikely in my opinion.

At Safety the Lions have Glover Quinn, James Ihedigbo, Isa Abdul-Quddus, Don Carey, and Crezdon Butler competing for roster spots. With only 3 safeties on their contact list this too would appear to be a low priority draft option. Though I think losing Couplin to another team last year when they exposed him to waivers was a mistake. Keep an eye on Brian Blechen if he goes undrafted.

That leaves us with Cornerback (as they aren't drafting a kicker or punter this year). The elder Rashean Mathis and the upcomer Darius Slay will be the starters but they could use a nickel CB to groom as Mathis' eventual replacement. Most of the corners on the contact list appear to be 4th round candidates. Makes me wonder if they might not trade a 2016 3rd rounder for a 2015 4th round pick and select one this year. They should have an extra 3rd rounder next year as a compensatory pick for losing Suh so they could trade their normal 3rd rounder and still keep a 3rd rounder for the next draft.

This is perhaps the longest blog entry for me ever. If you stuck with me this long then thank you, I hope at least some of my rambling makes sense. I may make one more post just before the draft begins presenting my mock Lions draft based on the above information. Once again we all await the Lions superbowl (aka, the NFL Draft) may it be a great one!