Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last night before a new season begins.

The team is undefeated. The Fantasty Football team as well. Things are looking great... for one more day. After that, who knows. Educated guesses, that's all we have at the moment. Keeping that in mind, here is my Lions prediction for the 2010 season.

Sunday, September 12 at Chicago Bears. Some teams are well prepared to start the season, for other teams it's a little more of a work in progress. Nearly a quarter of all the points the Bears scored in 2009 (for the whole season) came against the Lions in the two games they played them. Should the Lions have won those two games, their records would've been nearly identical. With a new OC in Chicago, a complicated system to learn, and a new DC as well, I predict that the Lions for a change (and with a new improved DLine) will be the more prepared team and thus break their road losing streak in week 1. Winner: Lions 30-20. 1-0

Sunday, September 19 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES. The Eagles have a new QB, a new RB, and various other roster changes. They are still going to be a force in the game though. Can the Lions win in week 2 via a shootout? The game will come down to the defense (all things being equal). Winner: Eagles 38-24. 1-1

Sunday, September 26 at Minnesota Vikings. The only way the Lions win this one is if Suh and company put the SWAK on Bret Favre (Suh Williams Avril KVB) he either has to be feeling his age and then some all game or go into involuntary retirement. With that bum ankle, I think I shall take the Lions this year. Winner: Lions 17-14. 2-1

Sunday, October 3 at Green Bay Packers. I fully expect the Packers to win the division. Their D was really catching on to the coaching at the end of last year and their offense is near enough to unstoppable. This one will get ugly. Winner: Packers 34-17. 2-2

Sunday, October 10 ST. LOUIS RAMS. The Rams are going to be fighting for the worst team in the league once again this year. This game will only help them achieve that milestone. Winner: Lions 21-10. 3-2

Sunday, October 17 at New York Giants. This game will look like the Eagles game... but with different names on the jerseys. Winner: Giants 27-17. 3-3

Sunday, October 24 *** BYE WEEK *** Jack Williams starts practicing at Nickel CB.

Sunday, October 31 WASHINGTON REDSKINS. The Redskins have their own problems and are desparate for a road win. Maybe next time. Winner: Lions 20-10. 4-3

Sunday, November 7 NEW YORK JETS. Jets are going to make it to the superbowl, according to their coach. While the Lions might have the better O (or at least one as good as theirs) the Defense takes over this game... just not the Lions defense. Winner: Jets 23-9. 4-4

Sunday, November 14 at Buffalo Bills. This game should be an easy win for the Lions, but it won't be that easy. After a full hour of hard play they do manage to squeek out the win... making the entire game harder then it needed to be. Winner: Lions 21-20. 5-4

Sunday, November 21 at Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys WRs & TEs will destroy the Lions defensive confidence, leaving the coaches scratching their heads, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time. Winner: Cowboys 27-13. 5-5

Thursday, November 25 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. Thanksgiving against Tom Brady on a short week after losing big time to the Cowboys the week before (the score was closer then the game) makes for a bad day (with good food). Winner: Patriots 27-13. (sound familiar?) 5-6

Sunday, December 5 CHICAGO BEARS. Bears fans are talking about who their next head coach will be. The team is turning on themselves and the coaching staff. But they still have to play the game. With the redzone acting like a demonic 12th player the Lions gain back a little confidence. Winner: Lions 19-12. 6-6

Sunday, December 12 GREEN BAY PACKERS. The confidence from last week is gone in a flash when the Packers jaggernaut comes to town. Does no good to stop the run game with a passing game like that. Winner: Packers 28-16. 6-7

Sunday, December 19 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Back on the seesaw of emotions the Lions bounce back to give Tampa a great game on their own turf. Going into prevent nearly allows them back in the game at the end. Winner: Lions 17-16. 7-7

Sunday, December 26 at Miami Dolphins. Getting another week in Florida doesn't seem to help the Lions like it does other snowbirds. Lions play like they were hung over from Christmas. The overly optimistic Lions fans who were talking about a wildcard spot just yesterday (as their Christmas present) have joined the rest of the fans in talking 2011 draft. Winner: Dolphins 24-13. 7-8

Sunday, January 2 MINNESOTA VIKINGS. Had the Vikings played better earlier in the season they might be sitting their starters this game... but they didn't so they won't. In a last ditch effort to make the playoffs they really attack the Lions who have a few key injuries of their own to contend with. Playing for your pride versus a play off spot just isn't the same. Winner: Vikings 31-16. 7-9

So there you have it, the entirely plausible and thus entirely unlikely to happen, 2010 season. With talk of the 2011 season not happening, no free agency, and a mid 1st round draft pick Lions fans are left to argue amongst themselves about every aspect of every game that was lost so that blame can be assigned to someone for the team not making the playoffs after being in contention for a wildcard right up until Christmas. Never mind the improvement that took place in 2010 nor the fact the Lions actually did better then expected. Those voices get drowned out.

As for the fantasy football team... well, let's just say Christmas was very good this year (it's my blog, what did you expect me to say?).

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