Monday, February 19, 2007

My expected off season moves.

Now that Furrey has been signed to a long term contract, I suspect the Lions will try to lock up Redding long term as well. Thing is, they're running out of time so I expect he will receive the Franchise tag keeping him from going into Free Agency and heading to another team (unless a team is willing to give up two first round picks to sign him anyway).

When FA starts, I expect to see the Lions go all out to land two guys. Curtis, the WR from the Rams, and London Fletcher, a MLB. After that I expect there won't be much activity until they can get a few more guys for decent money... such as Simeon Rice if he's released, and a RB just in case KJ isn't going to be ready for training camp.

The Draft should, if my hunches are correct, land the Lions a high quality DE. The rest of the draft should net another starter or two... but will it be Oline or other defensive players? I'm not sure yet in what order, but I suspect both will be addressed in this draft.

To summarize, my mid-February picks are:
Franchise tag on Redding.
Curtis in FA.
Fletcher in FA.
DE in the first round of the Draft.

I'll make more predictions later, when more information becomes available to make a half-way educated guess.