Sunday, October 3, 2010

Game 4 - 2010 @ Green Bay Packers

Getting Closer.

The Lions did not embarrass themselves in this game, nope, not at all. Yes they lost 26-28 but I was expecting them to lose by 3 scores. I'm sure some will say it would not have been as close had the Packers not made so many mistakes but the Lions made mistakes too and neither team made as many mistakes as they both did last week. No, what happened is the team is starting to play hard together and everyone is starting to work together. When they play as a team they stay in the game... even with the lack of talent at certain positions. Yep, the TEAM is getting closer.

The officials are getting closer to calling a fair game as well. They still blew a few calls but they are getting closer.

The coaches are calling plays a little better. Closer to what the fans expected.

All in all I believe this game, even though it was a loss, will make some fans feel a little bit better about the future of the team. The Lions are getting closer, now it's time for some wins.

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