Friday, January 4, 2008

They fired Martz?!?!?!? And promoted who?!?!?

I can understand wanting to keep the system. I really can.

I can understand that it's not likely anyone can do this system as well as Martz has.

I can understand not going outside the team for an OC if they don't want to give someone a long term contract (which be a requisite from higher up, it would have to be, Marinelli certainly didn't decide this part of it).

I can understand covering up for a guy's inadequacies by promoting a 2nd guy to help out in some manner. I mean, you got to cover as many bases as you can if you are stuck.

I can NOT understand firing Martz (or coming to an agreement on it) in the first place unless the team is rebelling against him... and if the "team" is primarily Backus and Raoila (it sure aint' Kitna, Roy or McDonald) and I find out ever that it was, I may go totally phycho. In fact, for my sanity, I better never find out any of this had anything to do with Backus and Raoila (for they should be gone, not Martz).

I can not understand promoting the inexperienced in the NFL bad college OC to the Lions OC and not promoting the experienced NFL OC, unless his job is actually ABOVE OC.

I can not understand why they, or anyone else, thinks that any of this is a good idea.

I also, for the life of me, can NOT understand why Kwam is still a Lions coach.