Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Updated Estimated Roster and 2007 Cap Charts are Online

Since Eric Beverly decided to retire, and then Robinson ended up on IR and lost for the season, then Bryson and Swancut got cut... well... I had to make some changes.

Go to http://www.theNetRat.com for more information.

In addition to the updated 2007 Salary Cap Chart, I've added two new links in the salary cap section, one is a link directly to the actual xls file that I use to make the Salary Cap Web Page... and the other is to another excel spreadsheet that contains Salary Cap History, everything from 2000 to 2006. The figures were obtained from USA Today, then sorted by myself into it's current format, I then added things like percentage of total cap per player, dead cap hits, available cap, year the most recent contract was signed, how many years the most contract is for, how the player was originally acquired, and some other notes and items.

My updated estimated 53 man roster also contains salary cap information, and if my roster were correct, the Lions would have $10 million in cap available at the beginning of the season. I am curious to find out what they plan to do with it, sign someone new or maybe extend a contract or two. Perhaps they plan to rewrite a contract or two with Likely to be Earned Bonuses (that really aren't all that likely), allowing the greater share of that amount to be carried into next year should the player not actually earn the bonuses.

One final note: CJ is the only draft pick that hasn't signed. He seems to be content allowing his agent to handle the negotiations regardless of how long it takes. That may be a mistake, an agent will wait a long time for every nickle he can get, at some point CJ will need to simply tell his agent to get the deal done, now.