Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Preseason thoughts

Here is a great read on the thinking a team goes through this time of year (well, these few days between Sunday and this Friday night anyway).

I can't believe the 4th game of the preseason is upon us already. It's crazy I can't find the time to review the game tapes (well DVDs) I made of the first 3 preseason games and blog about them in detail. Circumstances this year just haven't been favorable for that though, I guess I'll just have to admit it... that I won't be able to find the time to do a thorough job of it.

In looking over my estimated depth chart I can see some things that are likely to be wrong... I made the changes because of IR or PUP or waived/injured but there are more I'd make right now if I could. Mike Moore (who didn't heal fast enough) and Tim Toone will both likely be cut and signed to the practice squad if they pass waivers (and they may not, not with the Rams fishing). Ramirez and Clark both will likely make the final cut, or Ramirez and Northcutt will. I'd probably take Hilliard over Jansen at this point as well. There is even a small chance that DeDe Dorsey makes it over either Morris or Smith... though I think that somewhat less likely.

On defense I would obviously replace Hunter with another choice, probably Landon Cohen due to special teams. Linebacker is going to look different then what I have... especially with the newest addition to the team. Even the secondary may be different then what I had since Spievey was moved to Safety after I locked in the depth chart.

After the 2nd preseason game there was a great deal of talk in the forums about the new backup kicker and how Jason needed to retire. But the guy was kicking in Denver where the air does indeed make a difference based on what I saw in game 3... and on top of that, the guy never kicked a field goal over 30 yards... I don't even know if he can. It's defintely premature to be retiring Hanson and keeping the newbie... it's just not going to happen.

I'll see what I can add to this Friday night before the final cut down date. Perhaps I'll even have a couple hours to review my DVDs. Stranger things have happened.

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