Monday, December 15, 2008

Game 13 and 14 analysis' are coming soon

I have both games on DVR, it's just a matter of having time to watch them, and I refuse to analyze a game I haven't watched from beginning to end... at least once.

I apologize for the delay, without going into details let's just say that I was medically unable to watch week 13 at the time, and that created a back log of work making me miss week 14 as well. I did manage parts of several quarters, as well as the finishes, but I wish to watch the entire games before commenting on them.

Meanwhile, allow me to relay a conversation I had with my step daughter. She had asked how the Lions were doing (and strangely enough, the same question about the Titans) while at a family Christmas dinner. I attribute the Titans question to something she heard on the news.

Anyway, she said the Lions must have won a game because she remembered going out with her friends and they were happy because the Lions had won a game. I suggested that was probably in August, preseason, when they in fact won all four games. She agreed, that was probably it. She then asked how they could win all 4 preseason games and then proceed to lose 14 games in a row in the regular season. My reply went something like this...

First, in preseason, you play 80 guys in an attempt to find the 53 you want to keep on your roster for the regular season. There is no game planning, just base offense and defense and seeing what works. The Lions were able to do this as well (and in fact better) then anyone else they played. But, when the regular season got here, they are unable to change what they do during the game. The coaches, they need to see the film, they end up fixing the problems from the last game but are not capable of fixing anything during a game. They are always a week behind. That is what position coaches do... but that is not what good head coaches and coordinators do. They are not able to do what good coaches do, and that is fix their plans, make changes, as the game progresses. They are thus easily defeated.

Second, these same coaches, they do not trust rookie players. They always play a vet if they can even if he's not that good because they have no film on the rookies. A few plays or a few games is not enough information. They do not take chances on players, just as they do not take chances during the game. Even the risks they DO take are calculated, in advance, and are not adapted to game situations. I used the example of the Vikings game (which I have not seen but read about)... how it was determined, days in advance, that the Lions would go for it on 4th down if past the 50 yard line. It "appeared" like a risky play call... but it was pre-planned. Calculated. Controlled utterly. Likely with no adaptation whatsoever based on actual game situations. Such as... the score. How well the offense was playing and their defense at the time. Who was injured, either team. Time remaining on the clock, who had the lead, by how much, etc. This is not the same as taking a chance during the game spontaneously. Based on current immediate info! So the coaches even calculate, well in advance of the game, what risks they are willing to take.

I explained, how when we shoot pool, how once in a while, you just know when you have to take a chance in order to win, and when not to so you don't lose. That the Lions' coaches do not do that. And so, they lose. They will always lose.

She got it.

Now, will Mr Ford, will he get it?

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DetFan1979 said...

have you read my recent posts net? Went in depth on that recently as well. Hope your health is better and everything is ok!!!