Sunday, December 28, 2008

Game 16 Analysis.

The Lions have done the impossible… or at least, the improbable. They stole the record made by the Tampa Bay Bucs in 1976 (32 years ago) by going an entire season without a win. They were able to beat the Bucs record due to the fact that the Lions lost all 16 games while the Bucs played and lost 14 games, that being the total number of games in a season back then. So, unless the NFL increases the number of games in a season again, the Lions will forever hold the record, and perhaps will anyway, as it's excessively difficult to lose an entire season's worth of games. Especially after being the only team in the NFL to win all 4 of the preseason games. A feat that may never be topped… ever… in not only our lifetime but in anyone else's lifetime as well. Wow. Way to go team!

Team being the word here. It was the team who failed to garner a win this year… that includes every scout, every coach, every player and everyone else involved with the team. Anyone on the team who tries to blame anyone else had better been upset all year long with every move made. Of course, that kind of leadership is rewarded by getting fired, getting cut, getting traded, or put on IR (injured reserve).

So, what happens to everyone when the team goes 0-16 for the year? Well, if it was the teams' first year, you might get a second chance. But if it were the 8th year of the front office and the 3rd year of the head coach then in 31 out of 32 teams everyone would get fired. Monday. Time to start over. But the 32nd team is the Detroit Lions owned by William Ford Sr. Thus, Monday could just be another day instead.

I guess in some perverse way that makes sense, after all, the odds of losing all 16 games in one year are about the same as the odds of the employees remaining on the job after their team goes 0-16.

Okay, let's just cross our fingers and see what Monday brings, shall we (and cross anything else you have as well, just for extra luck).

Now to the game. The lions actually had a small chance of pulling this one off… except for the coaches who don't know how to win, and the players who were coached by them being the same. I mean, if you have two star players in CJ and Kevin Smith, and one is on the sidelines, then everyone including my dog knew the defense was going after the one left on the field. But did they call plays to anyone else during those times? No, only when they were both on the field and could've helped make a play.

The final two minutes of the first half were such a poor handling of the clock that I'm still dumbfounded. I can't even explain what happened without my blood pressure rising, and I thought I was numb to anything the OC could do by now.

The defense did great when they brought pressure, all kinds of good things happened. But then the coaching started getting conservative again; as if giving the 8th best QB in the league more time was a great idea. Boy, was I surprised when the Lions defense then got burned (that was sarcasm by the way, I think I heard my dog even say they got to stop giving that QB all that time, but it may have just been the wind).

Anyway, not to be outdone, the special teams had to go special ed.

Oh well, as of right now Paris Lenon is without a contract, let's keep it that way shall we? There are also a number of other players that need to go, including most of the former Tampa Bay Bucs players that were brought in this off season… hmmm… Bucs players and coaches… this team took away the Bucs losing record… coincidence? Yeah, it was, but of the stupid kind.

So in the future I will explore the players who are gone, should go, need to be upgraded, etc etc etc, and if everyone continues praying really really hard, perhaps discussions on new coaches as well.

Happy Holidays everyone, and please do try to get beyond this day, the worst day ever to be a Lions fan, a day that will live in infamy.
(Infamy: disgrace, dishonor, shame, etc).

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