Friday, December 19, 2008

Game 13 and 14 analysis (combined)

I was finally able to watch both games 13 and 14. I must say, even though there were mistakes made, and the Lions lost both times, those two games at least looked like NFL games. Aside from the coaching, which is still not helping (as I've stated repeatedly before) there were a few observations that I'll bring up know.

DT Cody is playing a little better, and that could be because he's working more now that Redding is gone... or it could be because this is a contract year for him and he has finally decided to try to earn some money. I don't think the Lions should re-sign him, and certainly not for a long term contract that is very expensive, but for depth purposes if he's cheap enough, they might bring him back for another camp. I do believe that Fluellen could beat him out of the starting job though (with better coaches/scheme) so I'm not sure they "have" to re-sign him... just if he's cheap he should see another camp.

DT Cohen looks like he may be able to start at DT next year. I don't any drop off to him (and his inexperience) from Darby... in fact... it could be argued that Cohen should be starting and not Darby. Here's another player the coaches didn't start soon enough, good thing they were forced to or he may still not be seeing the field.

LB Lenon. He has got to go. Well, he is a free agent, but if the Lions re-sign him I may scream. If he's announced the starter next year I WILL scream!

The OLine is playing a little better... or... defenses aren't testing them as much lately as they feel they can win at will against the Lions... you decide.

RB Kevin Smith is proving a true value pick, as I knew he would. Good job Kevin!

The new WR they picked up recently is one tough dude. I'd like to see him next year with a full camp to help out the suddenly depleted WR corp (what once was the best in the NFL by some reports).

That's about all I'm going to throw out there at this time. I am a bit anxious to see how Orlovsky does against the Saints, a team who has struggled on the road this year. If the Lions can get the few who show up to make some noise then it could get interesting... but there will be a lot of empty seats and if there is no noise you can bet the visiting team won't be struggling much.

Time for the coaching staff to adapt during the game and not play it safe. And by this I mean don't script the "risky" moves, get a feel for the game as it is playing out and adapt. If, as I suspect, they are unable to do it, even this once when it's needed the most, then the end of the season should see many empty boxes headed to Allen Park without delay.

Perhaps we fans could all stop by and drop off a few empty boxes... I think we could amass enough of them in just a few hours to handle the job. Much better then a Millen Man March or wearing orange if you ask me.

So spread the word.... take your load of empty boxes to Allen Park the Monday following the last game of the year, drop them off as close as the guards will let you, and make a good showing of it!

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