Thursday, November 27, 2008

Game 12 Analysis.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We should be giving thanks to be able to watch the Lions on this day, 75 years running. There's been a lot of talk lately that the Lions should lose that privilege. This is crazy talk! Once gone, they will never get it back. So what if the rest of the country sees them play one game a year… they can deal with it! If you don't want to watch them, fine, don't. The rest of us do not want to lose the tradition, not now, not later, not ever.

Now, speaking of losing, that's what Marinelli and crew do best. And they did, again. I was predicting single digits for the Lions and at least 50 for the Titans. It was close to that but I'm not patting myself on the back, just pointing out that 'yes, the Lions and their coaches ARE that bad'.

I keep seeing people who want the entire roster replaced. First, that's not actually possible or practical, and second, it's not the roster as much as how they are being used. Now had they said all of the former Tampa players need to go, then to that I could agree… and it shows yet another reason why the coaching staff needs to go… they brought in those guys to "show" the younger guys how it's done… well, it's not the young guys' that are the problem, it never was, it's the coaching. So while the head coach and his robots continue to pound their head against the wall over and over again, the rest of us realize that doing so is merely insane.

Well, perhaps Mr. Ford doesn't view it as insane, but the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Now, in fairness, other then maybe Kippy Brown, there really isn't anyone on the team to take over if Marinelli were to be fired, and the coordinators are a major part of the problem so it's not like replacing one guy will fix anything, so I can understand it if Marinelli is allowed to continue coaching for 4 more miserable and long weeks. I can. I wish it weren't that way, but wishing doesn't fix anything.

However, once the Lions finish this season at 1-15 if they are lucky, 0-16 if the Vikings don't crash and burn all on their own, then it is most assuredly time to fire them all and start over. I truly hope that Mr. Ford isn't also insane, continuing things the way they are, and I truly hope he also actually works hard at getting a real genuine CEO/GM on board. Though I must admit I am concerned with his track record on that score.

So go get some leftovers, be thankful that the tradition of the Lions playing on Thanksgiving Day is still in existence after 75 years, and get geared up for what looks like might be a very active off season.

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