Sunday, December 21, 2008

Game 15 Analysis (and the coaching staff and draft pick status)

Game 15 Analysis

Lions have lost 15 in a row this year (so far) and many more if you go back into last season. They haven't won at Lambeau Field since 1991 ( a very good year by Lions standards ). With the final game of this season at Green Bay it's nearly a lock that the Lions go 0-16. The only way that won't happen is if the defense somehow can stop the Packers (or more likely, the Packers offense stops themselves) and CJ and Kevin Smith can put the team on their shoulders and carry them to a win… this is assuming the wonderous coaching staff actually attempts to get them both the ball as much as possible… at least 80% of the plays needs to go to one of those two players for the Lions to have a chance of winning and keeping themselves out of the record books for decades to come.

The Lions (Mr Ford Sr actually) have announced that both Lewand and Mayhew will both be employed by the Lions next year. This stunning announcement came just after the completion of the 0-15 record but was made previous to the start of the game as I understand it.

That being the case, then there isn't any chance of the Lions operation being turned over to someone who will then have total control. Control would be advocated before the hire due to Ford Sr's demands that Lewand and Mayhew be kept. That also doesn't bode well for a complete revamp of the scouting department or any other group of people that Ford Sr likes. Production does not seem to be a requirement for employment, only your likeability by Ford Sr. There is still a bit over a week to go, and Ford Sr's reluctance to state that Marinelli is definitely coming back like he did say about Lewand and Mayhew is telling (to me at least). I can think of no candidate that would share power instead of total control, and for some, they wouldn't even be able to be hired as it would not constitute a promotion, but I can think of a coach or two that might like to have "some" power as well as be the head coach. Perhaps that is the direction Ford Sr has plans to go in.

Finally, since Ford Sr appears that he is going to keep a hand in things I am calling it tonight, the Lions will draft a QB with the first overall pick which they also earned today (the first overall pick that is, no team can go 1-15 to tie them even). All that remains now is to see who the coaching staff will be and which of the two QBs will be taken at first overall… and that may depend more on their agents then on the Lions (first one to agree to a contract wins unless they both do).

That's the way I see it, at least, at this point in time.

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