Sunday, October 2, 2011

Game 4 Lions at Dallas Cowboys

More then one.

The Lions played two football games Sunday against Dallas. In the first half they lost 3-20 quite decisively. In the second half the Lions fought for all they were worth and won 31-10, making the final score of the game a Lions victory of 34-30.

The Lions won their second away game in a row today, and won all 3 away games so far this season. Those 3 wins along with the home win a couple of weeks ago puts the Lions tied for 1st place in the NFL at 4-0 along with the Green Bay Packers. It's not unusual to have more then one undefeated team after only 4 weeks of NFL football, but it would have to figure that the Lions best seasonal start since 1980 is a tie with a fellow NFC North team.

The Lions were really getting their butts handed to them in the first half. Stafford was trying way too hard and struggled mightily, as did the OLine, the WRs, basically everyone on the team really. Lucky for them (and us fans) there is more then one half to the game. It was the Lions defense who got the ball rolling so to speak, with two consecutive (as in back-to-back, or more then one) Pick 6s. A pick six being an interception for a touchdown. Those plays took the wind out of the crowd and brought the Lions their much needed kick in the backside. Dallas and their star TE Witten did try to bring the game momentum back to their side, but the Lions were able to crack down just enough to win the day. It is a very good thing that the Lions have more then one playmaker on their team, no one person took control of it, they worked together and got it done.

Stafford didn't crack 50% completions with a 21/43 record, 240 yards, 2 TDs and 1 Int. No one topped 50 yards rushing, no one topped 100 yards receiving. Even the time of possession was subpar at 23:21. But that's not the end of it. Calvin Johnson did get more then one TD again today, bringing his total to 8 TDs in 4 games. His 2 TDs a game means he's on pace for an amazing 32 TD season. Jason Hanson still hasn't missed a field goal or extra point. The coaching staff does not curl up and die during half time but makes functional adjustments that the players follow, the players definitely are imitating the coaching in not giving up.

The Lions are 4-0, I'm 3-1 in my prediction of the Lions season so far, and both records are better then any of my fantasy football teams. I still have time to turn my FFL teams around, after all, if the Lions can come from behind more then once down 3 scores, so can I.

The next game for the Lions is a Monday night game. It's a home game. It's against last year's NFCN division winners. A team that won their first game last year as they defined the Calvin Johnson rule. It's the Bears... coached by a couple of recent former Lions coaches, including the former 0-16 Lions head coach. Does anyone think the Lions won't be playing this one to win?

Hopefully, the Lions won't be trying "too hard" and blow it. Then again, if they do start that way, no matter how far behind they get in the first half, there is more then one half and the Bears won't be safe until the final second expires.

There is even a chance Nick Fairley will get his first plays in the NFL this game. More then one first round defensive tackle on the field for the same team the same night... if this game is as good as I think it will be, perhaps the Lions will get more then one Monday Night game next year.

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