Sunday, October 30, 2011

Game 8: Lions at Denver Broncos

What a difference

What a difference a week makes. The Lions took Denver to task (in Denver no less) and won the game decisively 45-10 bringing their record before the bye week to 6-2. For me, I'm just glad it's over, if I had a quarter for every time I heard the words "Tim Tebow" I'd be able to make a house payment.

Matthew Stafford was 21/30 for 267 yards and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions. He's still limping (his ankle injury isn't healed up) and it appeared he hurt his hand during the latter part of the game but that didn't stop him from looking much better then the previous couple games. He was sacked twice and hit a number of times more so I'd bet he's looking forward to the time off for the bye week to heal up. Shame the bye week probably won't fix the offensive line which played a little better (or they simply faced a worse defense) then recently.

Speaking of defenses, the Lions defense played much better, sacking TT seven times (I ain't going to type his name no more). He apparently didn't get the memo, or his OC didn't, that the way to beat the lions is to get rid of the ball quick.

While I would love to attribute the win to the Lions playing better, it was more due to the inept Denver O and D. Had Denver played better, the Lions probably still would've won, for they are the more talented team, but it wouldn't have been so lopsided.

Regardless, a win is a win, they all add up the same, and having a win before the bye week makes for a better situation the losing would have.

On special teams, it should be noted that the next Jason Hanson field goal for 50 yards or more will be his 50th such field goal. His one and only field goal today for 50 yards was number 49.

Up after the bye week is the Chicago Bears and a chance for the Lions to get another win adding to their tie breaking situation (which may become very very important at the end of the season). Hopefully the Lions 6 game win streak for away games will continue on. I think the Lions will win it, I just hope the injury situation improves rather then the opposite.

There is one thing that I recalled (and was tweeted repeatedly by others)... the last time the Lions whipped the Broncos to go 6-2 it was 2007 with a score of 44-7, they then went 1-7 the rest of that year then came the 0-16 2008 season. What a difference 4 years make. No one expects anything like 2007 to happen now. Of course, the head coach and offensive coordinator in 2007 for the Lions are now the defensive coordinator and the offensive coordinator in Chicago. Yep, what a difference.

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