Sunday, September 25, 2011

Game 3 Lions at Minnesota Vikings


The Detroit Lions beat the Minnesota Vikings in the twin cities in overtime 26-23. The Lions are now 3-0 on the year, and have 11 straight wins going back to last year (counting preseason). The last time the Lions won in Minnesota it was 1997. The last time the Lions were 3-0 to start the season it was 1980. 76% of the teams who start 3-0 make the playoffs. Even with all those "records" the Lions were favored to win this game (first time since 1991 the Lions were favored to win in Minnesota). The thing is, they were behind 0-20 at half time. Unexpectedly, they fought back and won it in overtime thanks to Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford and of course, Jason Hanson.

There were a number of other unexpected items of note in this game as well. 20 net yards rushing on 19 attempts by the Lions for example. 4 receptions for 51 yards by Titus Young (and 4th best on the team today). 11 receptions and 112 yards by Pettigrew to lead the team. No INTs by McNabb OR Stafford. Just to name a few.

Some things weren't so unexpected. 2 TDs and 108 yards on 7 receptions by Calvin Johnson. Jason Hanson making a 50 yard field goal plus making 3 others, including the game winner. The refs making some questionable calls. Jeff Backus playing poorly against J. Allen when not 100% healthy (but he won't sit it out, no sir).

One of the best new things to expect of the Lions these days is the half time adjustments. For years there weren't any, now there are. They are not only making half time adjustments, but those adjustments are actually working. I applaud the coaching staff for this, big time.

I also congratulate Linehan and Gunther Cunningham for beating their previous teams in back to back weeks.

Next week the Lions head to Dallas to play the Cowboys. I'd hate to feel Romo's ribs after Suh and company get done with him. It will be a challenge for the Lions Linebackers though, playing against Witten, who always plays the Lions tough. Will the Lions be favored for that game? Will they win back to back road games? Can they find a way to win once again? It will likely be another tough match but I do think the Lions could take it.

Let's just say, it wouldn't be unexpected.

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northernleo said...

I will leave this comment for you..
The Lions are a more talented team than the Cowboys...We should beat them