Monday, October 10, 2011

Game 5 Chicago Bears @ Home

Good days.

The Detroit Lions beat the Chicago Bears 24-13 on Monday Night Football to remain undefeated with a 5 and 0 record.

You will probably need to read the above sentence over and over again for it to really sink in. These are good days people. Sure there is room for improvement (individual play wise) but just stop and go read that sentence again. The last time the Lions started 5-0 it was 1956, as in the good OLD days. The good old days I heard about but wasn't alive for. These are the good NEW days. When the Lions can play away, home, national tv, three scores down or what-have-you, and win. Quit worrying about the game ending collapses that have so ruined our minds and enjoy this. We fans are embarking on a football thrill ride and there are no lines to wait in or a curfew. Scary isn't it.

Records were broken tonight. Some I'm sure of, some I haven't researched but believe accurate. Ford Field attendance of 67,861 has to be a record. Jahvid Best's 88 yard run for a TD was something that, believe it or not, Barry Sanders didn't do. I'm not sure when the Lions last had a WR with 9 TDs in 5 games or when they had a QB with a season rating exceeding 100 (after 5 weeks) but they too could be records. And the fans helped with a record too... the most penalties in an NFL game with 26... which included many false starts by the Bears.

All this fun (or damage if you prefer) was done in less then 21 minutes TOP (Time of Possession). That's right, the Bears had the ball nearly twice as much as the Lions in this game.

You could complain about the penalties the Lions had, or how Stafford missed a few open receivers (some he saw and threw towards, others he missed seeing completely), you could complain about all kinds of things if you wanted to... and be accurate... and be wrong, because now is not the time to complain. Now is the time to enjoy knowing the team has room to get better. They are no where near playing a perfect game and can get even better! Will that be the 49ers game? The Thanksgiving day game? When will they put in that perfect game? Time to get your mind geared that way instead of waiting, holding your breath, hoping that the Lions don't "blow it".

I know that some will not go "all in" just yet. That's okay, I'm sure not everyone was happy in the 50's either, but since most of us were raised knowing the 50's was the Lions good old days, it might be worth getting a little enjoyment out of things right now if you can. Many us enjoyed watching Barry Sanders play in the 90's even in the years the Lions had a losing record, this is more then that (sorry Barry). This is a team playing well. Coaching, players, fans all contributing, heck even Barry Sanders was on hand to flip the coin and introduce the game. A mixture of the two previous "good old days" and now the new.

The Lions went 6-0 back in 1956, their sixth victim being the 49ers, who they just happen to play next week. Yep.. Good days... the old ones AND the new ones.

Enjoy it.

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