Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 weeks ago, I set my estimated depth chart, got 6 wrong

No, the roster isn't done yet. But this is the day I see how my estimated depth chart that I set 3 weeks ago (tomorrow) looks compared to actual.... and this year I was off by 6. (My best is 5).

The obvious one: 3 weeks ago I didn't see Donahue beating out Harris for the punting job... I did see it a week ago but that doesn't count.

Instead of keeping Nathan Vasher they kept Aaron Berry. I kept tossing Aaron into and out of the estimates as I figured maybe they'd be tired of him being always injured and cut him... guess not.

At backup guard and center I had Niswanger and Thomas, they cut them and kept Gandy and Morris. 3 weeks ago I went with reputation... as of yesterday (and even still right now) I don't really see any decent backup guards or centers on the team (or cut from the team). I do not think they are done with this position yet.

They cut Jerome Felton. Saw this one coming a week or two ago when TE Heller was getting reps at FB but that hadn't happened 3 weeks ago when I set my estimated roster. They kept an extra RB in Jerome Harrison.

That's 5.

I really thought they might keep 6 WRs to start the season but Titus Young finally healed up and played... I knew there were a number of maybe's (they were in italics in my estimated depth chart). One of those italicized that I had put down as cut simply due to the numbers was Fluellen... that was the player they kept over WR Derrick Williams.

Final count. 25 O, 25 D, 3 special teams

If they clear waivers, the practice squad will likely have some names on it like LB Cobrani Mixon, WR Nate Hughes, LB Caleb Campbell, TE Joe Jon Finley, QB Zac Robinson, FB Matt Clapp, DT Rob Calloway, S Paul Pratt, S Ricardo Silva and since he already cleared waivers, WR Demario Ballard (assuming all of them qualify to actually be on a practice squad).

That's 10, but they can only sign 8, so at least 2 don't make the practice squad either.

Noon Sunday is when players can be signed to the practice squad, but if we know who the Lions signed by 8pm I'd be surprised... used to be you'd have to wait until the next day so we shall see.

My estimated depth chart every year is at in case you didn't catch that in my previous blog entry.

Time to start working on my cap chart and then finish my estimated win/loss prediction for the Lions.

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