Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game 2 Kansas City Chiefs @ Home


The 2-0 Lions establish that they will play tough on their home field this year by pounding the Chiefs 48-3; breaking their own point spread record set with a 44-0 win over the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars in 1995.

The starters didn't even play half the 4th quarter and one of the touchdowns was scored by Kieland Williams, the number 4 RB on their depth chart. Stafford threw for 294 yards, 4 TDs and had one INT. Burleson led the WRs with 93 yards followed by the rookie, Titus Young, with 89. CJ had only 3 completions for 29 yards, but two of them were TDs. Jahvid Best also had 2 TDs, one rushing and one receiving with 123 all purpose yards. The Lions defense had 6 turnovers on the Chiefs to the Lions giving up 1.

It's also believed that Roary (the Lions mascot) took out Jamaal Charles for the season (ACL) but an MRI will be needed Monday to determine if he is indeed lost for the season. Okay, so Roary didn't actually cause the injury, it occurred as Charles was shoved out of bounds in the middle of the first quarter by a Lions defender, causing Jamaal to fall into Roary, but I'm not sure if that cushioned his fall all that much. The injury appeared to occur on his first step towards the sideline long before the "collision". Still, Roary will make the highlight film for his role.

Next week the Lions play the Minnesota Vikings who lost today to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-24, the team the Lions beat last week. I'm 2-0 in my preseason Lions prediction so far, let's hope I'm wrong about next week's outcome.

Today's 48 points by the Lions were the most by any team this week (barring the outcome of the Sunday night and Monday night games).

It wasn't a perfect game, the Lions still have things to work on, but it was an impressive performance none-the-less.

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