Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Detroit Lions 2011 Win/Loss Prediction

The 2011 season is almost upon us, time to look at the Lions schedule and try in advance to determine what the Detroit Lions win/loss situation is like (and of course, to get it utterly wrong, but hey, got to try right?).

Week 1 at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Lions allowed Green Bay into the playoffs last year by beating the Bucs, had they lost last year, the Super Bowl champion Packers would've never made the playoffs... and Tampa would have. They are probably looking for some pay back. Unfortunately for them, the Lions are itching to hit someone in the mouth, and the Bucs get to be first up. Lions win 27-21.

Week 2 at home versus the Kansas City Chiefs. The first home game. The Lions and the fans are pumped. The defensive line can win (or lose) this game for the Lions... I think they have it in them to control the game just enough. Lions win 17-14.

Week 3 at the Minnesota Vikings. McNabb is starting to get comfortable and the Lions seem to have troubles winning in the twin cities... the refs help and the slightly overconfident Lions do a belly flop. Lions lose 23-28.

Week 4 at the Dallas Cowboys. The reeling Lions go on the road again to face the still ailing Cowboys. Nothing like a road win to get your confidence back. Lions win 34-20.

Week 5 at home versus the Chicago Bears. On one side you have the 2010 division champs with 2 previous Lions coaches and on the other you have the 3-1 Lions playing at home. Fans can make a difference. Lions win and look good doing it, 27-10.

Week 6 at home versus the San Francisco 49ers. Can the 4-1 Lions take care of their home turf against the 49ers? Yeah, I know, stupid question. Lions win 37-17.

Week 7 at home (again) versus the Atlanta Falcons. Time for another wakeup call. Hard to defend your home turf with that much fire power on the other side. Lions lose 17-28.

Week 8 at the Denver Broncos. The 5-2 Lions go a mile high to catch a buzz. Lions win in another shoot out 28-21.

Week 9 a much needed bye week to heal up.

Week 10 at the Chicago Bears. While the 6-2 Lions are riding confidence the Bears are still trying to figure out why things aren't going better... perhaps it's the coaching? Lions win this one despite the refs 17-14.

Week 11 at home versus the Carolina Panthers. It's the Panthers on the Lions turf... they never stood a chance. Lions win 34-17.

Week 12 at home versus the Green Bay Packers. Sometimes Rodgers just gets hot. Lions lose this one in a dog fight 24-31.

Week 13 at the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees is just getting warmed up and their defense is really helping them this year. Lions lose 31-24.

Week 14 at home versus the Minnesota Vikings. The 8-4 Lions need to win to have a chance at the playoffs. Luckily, the Vikings are willing to help with turnovers. Lions win 26-17.

Week 15 at the Oakland Raiders. Both teams need to win this one, but a healthier Lions team and a few great special teams plays help a lot. Lions win 28-14.

Week 16 at home versus the San Diego Chargers. Rivers to Gates takes the show. lions lose 21-14.

Week 17 at the Green Bay Packers. The Packers sit a lot of their players, but man, it's COLD outside... Lions shiver all the way home with a score of 10-13.

The Lions take 2nd in the division with an 10-6 record. Is it enough for a wildcard spot? The late night game will determine that, it's no longer in the Lions hands.

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Empherical Evidence said...

I am thinking the Lions can beat the Vikings on the road, but not the Cowboys. I'm going with 9 and 7 as the final record.

I think the NFC North is the toughest division in the NFL.