Sunday, December 19, 2010

Game 14 - 2010 @ Tampa Bay

The End

The Lions win this one 23-20 in overtime. Yes, I said win. So ends the 26 game road losing streak, the new NFL record road game losing streak. But that wasn't the only thing to end. The Lions also won 2 games in a row, ending that streak (of having not done so in years) as well.

It was Rayner, not Hanson (who is on injured reserve), who first tied the game in the final seconds of regulation and then it was Rayner again with the game winning field goal in overtime. I wonder if the Lions will carry two kickers on their roster next year.

Stanton made himself look good by completing passes to super talent such as Calvin Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew. Maurice Morris ran hard and piled on the yards. The defense is getting needed play time in with their depth and the defensive line is continuing to play hard and fast, a good view of what the future has in store for the players, coaches and fans. Sure the defense needs some more talent at some starting positions, that's where the 2011 draft comes into play, but it's good to see the coaches making use of the players they have now.

It was also nice to see some decent officiating for the 2nd game in a row. Hopefully that (the bad officiating) has ended as well.

Lions play in Florida next week against Miami then they come home for their final game of the season. Final game of Bret Favre's career as well (a truly momentous occasion)! It sure would be nice to see the Lions end Favre's career by ending another bad streak, divisional games (they haven't won one of those in years either).

So keep it up Lions... you're fighting hard, learning on the job, playing to win, and this Lions fan doesn't want to see that end.

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