Monday, December 6, 2010

Game 12 - Chicago Bears @ Home

What starts well, ends well.

It does if your a Bears fan anyway. From the first play of the game when Rob Sims gets penalized for a false start to watching the Bears kneel down 3 times after the 2 minute warning for the win, Bears fans had a better day then Lions fans.

There were some good things, like Stantons play (for the most part), Avril's sacks (3 of them but none late when needed the most), Burleson did some good and bad (more good then bad). As did Pettigrew (who could've had a great game with a few less drops). There were even a few GREAT plays...

53 seconds to go in 2nd quarter, down 10-14, the Lions run a play with Best who bounces it outside then they follow it with a great catch and run by Calvin Johnson to score a TD in 2 plays (91 yards). After halftime, 50 seconds in, Avril forces a fumble and it's recovered by the Lions at the Chicago 9 yard line, but the Bears hold and the Lions are forced to kick a field goal. That would be the last points they score in the game. That would also be the end of the GREAT plays.

There wasn't much but defense the rest of the 3rd quarter from both teams (not counting the Bears' kicker getting his career record longest field goal of 54 yards). Then with 12 minutes to go in the game Stanton tries to complete a pass to a well covered receiver on 4th and 1, turning the ball over on downs. The Bears then drive down the field to the 22 yard line... on 1st and 10 Cutler rolls out and runs 7 yards, tackled by Suh, who was penalized for tackling the runner (Cutler). They called it unnecessary roughness, but it was only a push from a strong man. In other words, the Refs helped the Bears advance the ball and more importantly got the Lions players (and fans) thinking the refs were going to once again hand the game over. Next play Cutler throws a TD pass to the 3rd string TE. The Lions failed to make any more decent plays on O or D from there on. Finally, at the 2 minute warning, the Bears complete a pass to the 3rd string TE again... for a first down... the Lions with no time outs left and face the loss standing up for the final 3 plays.

Lions lose the game 20-24.

Some questions arise from the game. Why is the officiating so horrid this year? Can it be fixed? Where are the big plays by the Lions late in the game when needed the most? Can THAT be fixed? Where are the wins? Will that be fixed? Will the players union quit trying to drum up support from politicians, chambers of commerce, fans and anyone else and start negotiating? but I digress...

What starts well ends well. Unfortunately, this season for Lions fans did not start well, and it's not looking like it's going to end well either.

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