Sunday, December 26, 2010

Game 15 - 2010 @ Miami Dolphins

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good: the Lions win game #5 on the year against the Miami Dolphins; their 3rd in a row and their 2nd road game in a row.

The bad: Due to injuries there were many guys on the Lions defense playing that normally wouldn't be playing who were getting abused regularly by the Dolphins.

The ugly: Some how, some way, the Lions made the Dolphins team look ugly by timely interceptions at the end of the 4th quarter by Levy and Vasher (yes, Nathan Vasher).

There were many other plays that were either good, or bad, or ugly. Many by the same players at different points in the game. Pettigrew had quite of few of each, as did Vasher actually. Hill at quarterback, another Hill in the secondary, and various other players all contributed to make it harder then it had to be, and also to seal the win when needed.

The team continues to play hard, fight harder, and now all that work is turning into wins. They are getting better as the year progressed, pretty much as I figured they would (you'd have to scroll way down to pre pre-season blog posts though to see that though). No, I didn't predict all the injuries, or the losses early for that matter. They won't hit my 7 wins in 2010 prediction. But they are a young team learning and that bodes very well for the future.

Next week's final game should be the final game of Bret Favre's career, assuming he actually retires and stays retired. If he can play at all you know he will. I hope to see a great battle for the final game of the season... followed up by the NFL and NFLPA agreeing to a new CBA before the Superbowl. But I digress.

There was good in the Lions - Dolphins game, there was bad, and yes there was ugly, but it was also a win. When it comes right down to it, that's what matters in the NFL, and that's what the Lions got.

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