Sunday, October 31, 2010

Game 7 - Washington Redskins @ Home on Halloween Day


The Lions put the SWAK on the Redskins (Suh Williams Avril KVB) bigtime for an "easy" 37 to 25 win. Even after throwing an INT in the end zone early in the game and even after Burleson turning the ball over again after being stripped of the ball during another great drive. There were 3 TDs by CJ, lots of great runs by both Smith and Best, the 4th INT in 4 games for Smith, and some other great plays by various members of the team on various plays... but it would be hard to deny that the reason the Lions won the game was due to the SWAK, the defensive line.

There are a lot of fans who didn't get to see the SWAK though, since the game wasn't sold out and therefor blacked out. But for those of us who did see the game, what a great entertaining way to spend a part of Halloween day.

Stafford was a little rusty at first then started to get back into the grove eventually. Some of the other players tried to do the normal lions screw-ups in an attempt to give the game away, including allowing a kick return for a touchdown and various untimely penalties. The refs were a little more even in blowing the calls (which actually was nice to see, not the blown calls or non-calls, but that they spread around the horrible calls to both teams fairly evenly). But mostly each of the position groups started playing as a group, as a team. There is talent spread throughout the Lions roster and when they play as a team they are VERY hard to beat.

You won't be seeing any late night Lions jokes the rest of this year I do not believe. That honor will go to the Bills, the Cowboys, and even to the Vikings (ala Brett Favre). No, the Lions are now (so I do declare) a team to be reckoned with. As long as they do not hurt themselves too much, they can play toe to toe with any team in the league. Note: I did say "As Long As". For they can be beat by any team in the league as well if they do not play together.

Next week the Lions plays the Jets, at home. The Jets just lost 9-0 to Greenbay (yeah, 3 field foals to no points) and are going to be anxious to rectify that feeling. The Lions will need to really pull together to beat them. The Jets defense is top of the line, there will be a ton of frustration by the Lions offense when drives are hard to come by. Luckily, there is more to the team then just offense. Despite the perceived poor secondary, the Lions are proving to be a match for most teams and I don't think the Sanchez led offense will find the going any easier. Granted, the Lions defensive line is helping the linebackers and the secondary look good, but there can be no denying that the players currently on the roster are playing tough when they play together. The Redskins found out today just how tough the Lions defense is, now it's the Jets turn to be meet the SWAK.

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