Sunday, November 7, 2010

Game 8 - New York Jets @ Home

Blew it.

Yep, the Lions blew it. Fought for and got the lead (more then once) but let the Jets back in the game to tie it late in the forth quarter only to lose in overtime 20-23. Not only that, but they may have lost their kicker and starting Quarterback (again) as well. They sure did for the last part of this game anyway. They also lost their swagger, their momentum, their whatever-you-call-it that helps a team compete just that little bit harder then their opponent. Not that the Lions didn't compete, they did, but then they blew it.

They couldn't stop the Jets when they needed to (even after doing so for much of the game) and they couldn't drain the clock when they had the chance to seal the win.

Yes there were some bad flags along with some missed ones. But there were some legit ones that were on the players who lost their focus, flags that never should have happened but were very much deserved.

Yes there were some questionable plays called by the coaches. For example: even though Suh kicked extra points in camp he won't be winning special teams player of the week this week I'm afraid... and perhaps having your 3rd string QB throw instead of calling run plays when run plays were clearly expected by the Jets (and needed by the Lions) isn't really a strategy. But had those plays been executed correctly instead of incorrectly they would've been something to see.

Are the Lions a super deep team able to overcome all kinds of injuries? No. Are they still in building (or re-building) mode? Yes. Were they really and truly expected to win this game by those outside the team? No. Did they put up a good fight for nearly fifty some minutes? Yes. Could they have won this particular game? Yes, I think they could have. But, they blew it.

So why do I sound upset? What happened that wasn't expected? What went wrong that shouldn't have gone wrong? What difference does it make?

The Lions need to learn how to win, they already learned too well how to lose and just when victory was theirs for the taking, they blew it.

Learning to win was that next step. The step was not taken today. It's now put off until some time in the future. I was ready for the team to take a "next step". Most fans were ready for them to do just that... even the ones who didn't know that's what they wanted. Establish a home field dominance, one the fans can partake in. Be able to put a team away when you have the lead. Not just any team, a good team, in your home sold out stadium. Know what to do to win the game on every play and do exactly that. That did not happen today. I did not realize that I wanted it either today until after it was all said and done.

I as a fan wanted my team to take the next step. I thought they were ready for it. I think they thought they were ready for it. I believe that many if not most fans of the Detroit Lions were ready for it. It'll still happen... some day... just not today. No today, the Lions blew it.

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