Sunday, October 17, 2010

Game 6 - 2010 @ New York Giants

Mental Errors.

Boy did I make a mental error. I sat Maclin and played Nicks in FFL at the last moment and now it looks like I will be losing that match in that one FFL game. Of course, that is NOTHING compared to the mental errors the various Detroit Lions players made. Between fumbles, penalties, and just about every stupid thing in the book that you can do to screw up a game, the Lions managed to eek out a close loss of 20-28.

I'm not saying the Lions could've won this game had they played a disciplined game... actually, yes I am saying that. If not for the sheer number and stupidity level of the mental errors the Lions would've ended their road game losing streak.

The only thing that looked worse then the Lions was the removing of Follett from the field on a stretcher (word is he has feeling in his extremities). Even the injury that ended up breaking Shaun Hill's left forearm didn't look as bad as the team played. I wonder what stewing over all these mental lapses will do now that the Lions are on their bye week. Will thinking about it for two weeks help or hinder? I guess that is up to the coaches and the players, to each their own, so to speak.

Lions will probably be looking for a QB and Stanton will probably be the #2 starting after the bye week. The Lions will also be a little thinner yet at LB it would seem. The front office doesn't get the bye week off, that much is for sure.

As for the players, they need to learn focus. Somehow, some way, they must learn how to remain focused. They've learned to shake off the problems that come up during the game and to keep playing hard, but they haven't learned how to focus and take advantage of that first step.

It should be interesting to see all the analysis that will be done for the next 13 days... but it will always come back to one thing. Mental errors.

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