Friday, April 16, 2010

Draft 2010 Part 1

Time to get back to work (on the blog). Since I finally have a night off (as well as an entire weekend... the first since mid-January) it's time for some draft blogging... I even have an entire 6 days to go before the draft starts. Okay, so it's a little late, so sue me.

First, some predictions so that I may eat crow later. (I've been googling crow recipes online, there really aren't that many of them).

The Rams will draft QB Bradford... for pretty much the same reasons the Lions did last year (when they took Stafford).

The Lions will take DT Suh or DT McCoy. I'd say Suh 100% but for the agent factor. Signability does have a minor role in guys who are nearly rated the same, so the pick could be McCoy. I'm 90% Suh, 10% McCoy... most of the day... the rest of the day I'm 50/50.

The Safety named Berry will not be picked before number 7 in the draft.

The Lions will only take a tackle in round one if they trade away Backus in some kind of draft day trade... if they do so, then my DT prediction is null and void.

The Lions will draft a RB, a DT, a DE and a CB with the first 4 picks (in no particular order)... unless they trade away any players from their roster on draft day.

The Lions will not draft an Offensive Lineman with the first 4 picks unless they make a trade of a player already on the roster. (yes, this one goes with the last one, but I want to be right twice).

The Lions will draft a TE or FB or a guy who can play both after the first 4 picks.

One of the players the Lions draft will be someone that no one has heard of.

Finally, the Lions will be very active in the UDFA market (after the draft) and there are some on the current roster who should be getting nervous.

Okay, that's enough work for tonight. I'll try to do more work over the weekend.


spacecataz said...

Hey, Net.

Good article; very interesting (per the usual.)

What about a WR? If the right one (either an upper echelon type guy in the early rounds or the oh-so-coveted late round impact player) fell to the Leos, I think they would jump all over that. Sure, the stars would need to align a bit given their (preferable) method of BPA, but I don't think it is a position they will neglect. Perhaps this falls into your final category of players they may grab after the first four picks, expanding it to TE, RB, or WR. Which brings me to...

...the fact that they have no 5th or 6th round picks; only 7th rounders. Given that this team needs many good players (still!), I don't see them trading up if they can avoid it just so they acquire more bodies. Because this draft is supposedly so deep, do you think that the guys they nab in the 7th can actually contribute?

As a side note, it seems pretty likely that they'll trade down in the 2nd round given the depth of that round...

Finally, I would love for you to expand on who you think should be nervous on this team.

Lisa said...

Net, crow isn't bad. It's a little chewy, but it tastes like chicken.

I'm 99.9999% sure they'll take Suh, and for the first time since Calvin Johnson (and before that it was never) I will be happy with the first round pick. I don't think Suh's agent (Roosevelt Barnes?) will be an issue. Maybe Rosy even has some love left for the Lions.

Eric Berry and Earl Thomas could both be picked by 15, but I'm not sure who will go first. I remember being really impressed by Thomas last year, but I never was by Berry. Not in 2009 anyway. Ehh. They're not Detroit bound either way. I liked Nate Allen, Major Wright, and Cam Chancellor just as much as Berry. I think Taylor Mays sucks as a FS right now, but if you put him at WLB and had him responsible for shutting down a TE or RB coming out to the flats I think he could be awesome.

I'm hoping Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow get drafted in the first round so that more CBs fall to Detroit in the 2nd.

I think they have to use the #34 on CB. I'm VERY concerned about CB. Houston is a questionable #1 CB and Eric King has proved absolutely nothing so far, and he's coming off an injury. The other guys at CB are even bigger question marks, so I think they have to get a starter from this draft. Kareem Jackson (probably gone), Patrick Robinson, Devin McCourty (probably gone), Chris Cook, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Dominique Franks, Jerome Murphy, Brandon Ghee (he's a project but the raw materials are enticing), Amari Spievey, Kevin Thomas are all guys I like for the 2nd-3rd round. Then you have guys like David Pender, Walter thurmond, A.J. Jefferson, Patrick Stoudamire, and Crezdon Butler a little later.

My projected draft position and order are:
DT (1st rd-duh) Suh over McCoy;
CB or DE (2nd rd);
RB, CB, OT(LT) (3rd rd);
DE, RB or WR (4th rd);
WR, FB, TE, OT or LB (Also, remember the name Clay Harbor. Yes, it's a name, not a place and he's a FB/TE who looked really good at the combine.)

I also think they'll be active in UDFA (for the first time ever?), but they'll also be collecting free agents that get cut from other teams, as well. Well, if they can get the free agents to come to Detroit.