Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 Draft (Part 3)

The Lions have traded Ernie Sims to the Eagles, they gave a 5th rounder to Denver who then gave the TE Scheffler and a 7th round draft pick to the Lions. Because of this I can remove my prediction that the Lions will draft a TE after round 4. Of course, now the LB prediction is even more solid, which is good, since I've reviewed every single one of the players the Lions invited to Allen Park, or went to their pro-day, etc and only one of them was a middle Linebacker. When I realized that, I was concerned I had made the LB prediction, but now the odds of them taking either an outside or inside linebacker have gone up, I'm just no longer sure the LB will be in the first 4 picks. Still, they may find a player like Levy last year so I will hold on to my gut feeling of DT, RB, CB, and LB in the first 4 picks.

I truly believe Bradford will be a Ram and then Suh will be a Lion.

Round 2 I expect the Lions to trade down, unless certain players are there at 34. Some names (that I fully expect will be taken in round 1) are Kareem Jackson CB Alabama, Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State, Patrick Robinson CB FSU, or Jahvid Best RB California.

If they trade down I look for the Lions to take one of these players: Dexter McCluster RB Mississippi, Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest, or Toby Gerhart RB Stanford.

I can see the Lions trading down from pick 66 as well, or maybe one of the above names will drop to 66. Some names to watch later in round 3 are: Ben Tate RB Auburn, Taylor Price WR, Major Wright S Florida, Jerome Murphy CB USF, Joe McKnight RB USC, or Jermaine Cunningham DE Florida.

Round 4 names to keep an eye on: Javier Arenas CB Alabama, Greg Hardy DE Mississippi, Perrish Cox CB OSU, Amari Spievey CB Iowa, Arthur Jones DT Syracuse, Linval Joseph DT East Carolina, Kam Chancelor S Va Tech, Patrick Angerer OLB or Zane Beadles OT/OG Utah.

They currently have no round 5 or 6 picks, but those trades may get them some if they happen. The Lions do have four 7th round picks so I do expect movement especially with Mayhews deal making abilities.

My choices? Suh at #2, trade down in round 2 a little and take Ghee, trade down just a little in round 3 and take Gerhart, and in round 4 take Angerer. DT, CB, RB, and LB.

That's it for part 3 of the 2010 draft. I'll be back after round 1 is done with part 4.

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