Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Estimated Depth Chart - Post Draft - Version 1a

The first version of the Post Draft Estimated Depth Chart is now up https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OlRHXJglel-wOPOwe---knyCUyMk1tSlDp0Z2nkC3jQ/edit#gid=689940466 The perma-link is on the menu to the right ------>

You will see all 10 draft picks are estimated as making the roster. That's on purpose. The front office for the Lions drafted all these guys expecting (or at least seriously hoping) that they would make the final roster, so for now there is no reason not to include them as if they had. Future versions may move them around though. I also included some undrafted guys, partially because pre-draft I estimated they would pick up a WR and a TE (but didn't) and partially because I think these 4 candidates just might be good enough to actually make the roster (more on this later).

Now before you discount WR Jay Lee just remember (or if you haven't already, read the blog entry below this one) that a WR who meets certain standards has a much better chance then others at not only making it on a roster but excelling too. Jay Lee is about 0.04 seconds in the 40 yard dash over the mark (but he meets all the others; 3 cone, hand size, and weight) his real issue isn't his measurables, it's his drops. The reason for the drops? He body catches just about everything. The Lions coaches need to work on getting his hand strength up (weight room work) and then coach him on making the catches with his hands, not with his body. If they can develop that habit in him he will take the deep WR spot on the roster I do believe.

TE Cole Wick is a little too slow for a pass catching TE on a starting roster, but, he does have explosion (vertical and long jump). He's also in need of a weight room, he only benched 14 times and that needs to get up over 20. If he puts in the work, and if Pettigrew ends up on IR (due to his injury from last year which takes awhile to come back from) then Wick just might make the final roster.

G/T Andrew Zeller fits the suit... of both positions. There is zero reason why (via measurables) that he couldn't play guard or tackle in the NFL, he's better then many of the current players on the OL (in measurables). If he can be coached up he very well should snag a roster spot... which could actually lead to a starting roster spot in time (or due to injury). I love this signing by the way.

Finally there's CB Ian Wells. I really think he can beat out his competitors on the team for the final CB spot. Unless Quinn brings in more competition that is, perhaps even then.

The Lions cut two players today, so they are about to sign 2 more guys. Who or at which positions I do not know, could be vets, could be some more undrafted guys. But they made room for someone, two someones actually. If it were me, they would both be DEs. The Lions only have 4 on the entire roster.

By the way, I put the 1st round draft pick as the starting right tackle, but I wonder if he'll end up at left... perhaps this year, perhaps next year, perhaps never. That will likely be my next blog post. And I may have to revisit that more then once before September.

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