Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lions Practice Sunday Aug 8th am

My last training camp for this year it would seem, as I am now back in West Michigan and no longer able to attend. I had arrived late due to the packing time required to vacate my hotel suite this morning, the Lions were just finishing up a special teams drill.

The team then entered what appeared to be 11 on 11 with a slew of players not participating. Of the ones that did, I saw the following:

Stafford completed a nice pass to Schefler mid field for a good chunk of yards.
The next completion was to CJ to his far right for a handful of yards.
Stafford then faked a pass and handed it off on a delay to the left, the dline was in his face by then. Quite a lot of pressure brought in that 'non-contact' drill.
Another run play to the left, #44 (Best) did a couple of quick directional changes for a few extra yards on the play.
The next pass was dropped by #47 as he was being "hit" (lightly) and brought to the ground (Nordin is #47)
The final pass by Stafford was dropped by #85 as he fell to the ground with some defensive assistance (Schefler)
New QB was #14 Hill. Run play by #27 to the right (DeDe). Then a run by #27 left. Then a dump off pass to #27. I got bored so started watching who was playing the OLine with Hill (the so called 2's). #68 was playing RT (Jansen). #65, #74 and #78 were also out there (Gandy, Schuening, and Hilliard). Missed the 5th one. Hill missed two pass plays and the whistle blew.
New QB was Stanton. First two passes went incomplete so I tried to catch all the numbers on the field on offense. I got 64 78 72 70 74 16 83 21 and 46. (Gerberry, Hilliard, Canfield, Fox, Schuening, Parks, Toone, Brown, and Dickson). With so many injuries and guys not playing some where playing up from their normal position and others were playing at both their position and the one behind them (extra reps) so nothing too much should be read into who was on the field. Still, I wish I had thought to jot down this kind of info each day on both O and D... perhaps next year.

There were about 4 more incompletes before the horn blew and practice was over (early if you ask me, by about 20 minutes almost).

After practice the press cornered the coach in the corner in the no fly zone (for us peons) and then they went inside after the press dispearsed without mingling with us outside the fenced off area... so I couldn't make Tom late for his mid-afternoon work. Nice move that.

With nothing much going on I decided to finish my shopping and head for home. I will be working on tweaking my estimated depth chart (final 53 roster) during the week and getting ready for the first preseason practice game next weekend.

Sure hope some of the injured get healthy sooner rather then later. The back 7 was kind of up in the air to begin with, now it's even more so.

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