Sunday, September 13, 2009

Game 1 - 2009 @ New Orleans

To the twelve people who actually believed that the Lions had a chance to win this game before it started I just want to say "you're nuts"... certifiable... watch out for men in white coats.

As for me, things went just about as I had suggested it would (in the various forums I post in). I had expected Stafford to make mistakes (posted that here) and as all rookie QBs do, he did. I figured he was good for two interceptions and a TD. I figured a little over 200 yards (I think I posted 220 yards). I believe the completion percentage I guessed at was something like 20 of 36. All came pretty close, so I for one was not upset or surprised or really fazed any way by his play.

As for the team as a whole, well, the 2008 #32 defense (would've been #40 if there were 40 teams) against the 2008 #1 offense after just one off season... yeah... surprised? No, not me. The offense couldn't run block and the same guys did some of the dumbest penalties at the worst time... no surprise there either. Improvement is going to take time, lots of practice, good coaching, and even more time.

The whole point I'm trying to make and as I said here before, NOW the coaches know what they need to work on, as do the players. But this year, I expect that instead of tuning out the coaching staff by the entire team, that work will actually begin on fixing the problems. I expect some ups and downs, but more ups then downs. I expect these coaches to actually help the team improve. This is the starting point, not the end point. That may sound like a kool-aid drinking Lions fan, but it's truly what I expect. It's only if these coaches AREN'T able to make the team play better that I will get worried.

So, next week, another loss, but not as bad. Then in week 3, a win... ending the talk of breaking losing streak records. Then a couple more losses due to the quality of the opponent more so then any regression, though there may be some of that... then after the bye... I expect them to win 5 and lose 5 (not in that order of course) to finish the season 6-10. I believe that is a reasonable expectation and an obtainable result. Not a goal, the goal is to make the playoffs, no one should ever stop trying to do that or they shouldn't be playing... but if the end result is 6-10... then the team is on the right track.

The trick here is to learn from the mistakes... that goes for the coaching staff, the players, and the 12 fans who picked the Lions to win.


Imperical Evidence said...

You are aware that the Lions play the Redskins in week 3 , right? That would be a tough game for them , even though its at home. I don't see a win here.

Imperical Evidence

NetRat's Lions Blog said...

The Redskins are having their own stuggles, I don't think they can win on the road.

The Lions should improve, not in a steady upward direction, but here and there, once in awhile, and as they do they will eek out wins... eventually, possibly, even decisive wins.