Sunday, September 20, 2009

Game 2 - 2009 Vikings Home Opener

Once again the Lions played just about exactly as I had expected they would, better then last week, not good enough to win.

Last week the 2008 worst defense played the 2008 best offense, and it showed. This week, it was the 2008 worst run offense against the 2008 best run defense... and the Lions actually had success running the ball.

The Lions also contained Adrian Peterson to some extent, and made Favre uncomfortable for all but the 3rd quarter (when he killed them).

I can just imagine the half time talk in the Vikings locker room... "you are losing to the 0-16 Lions, do you really want to be 'THAT TEAM'?! The one they finally get a win against?" The mistakes in the 3rd quarter by the rookie QB didn't help, in fact, between him and the offensive line penalties, you don't have to look much further to find why the team lost.

But the OLine isn't magically going to get better without a lot of time together (and some of them not even then) and the quarterback isn't going to learn from his mistakes until he makes them, so again, all as expected.

The coaches did prove they can assist at improving the team play by changing personel or by further instructing the players to play better. They did their job.

The fans shouldn't have really expected the Lions to win this game any more then the last one, too many things would've had to gone perfectly right for it to happen. But next week is different, there will be some room for error next week. And that is why I predict the Lions to win at home against the Redskins.

So keep coaching, coaches. Keep learning, Stafford. Keep practicing and playing together, trenches. And keep improving as a team... for there are many more challenges ahead.

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