Sunday, December 18, 2016

Game 14 2016 - Detroit Lions @ New York Giants

Too many

The 9-5 Detroit Lions lose to the 10-4 New York Giants 6-17 after making way too many mistakes. The Giants scored a touchdown in the first possession of the game (thanks in part to being awarded a completion that was clearly not one) and they never relinquished the lead, though the Lions had chances to do so.

Matthew Stafford was 24 of 39 (61.538%) for 273 yards with no touchdowns (for the first time this year) and one interception despite playing with a dislocated middle finger on his throwing hand. Obviously the interception was a mistake but an even larger one was when Zack Zenner fumbled into the end zone losing the ball on a scoring drive. I already mentioned the completion awarded to the Giants that wasn't one (that was on the officiating) but the Lions also failed to challenge it, a mistake on the Lions part. I have no problem agreeing with those who believe the Lions left 14 or even 21 points on the field. The Giants have a good defense, but it was the Lions who beat the Lions this game.

The Lions defense really didn't start getting much pressure on Eli Manning until the 2nd half, which helped slow down the Giants scoring. Eli ended up 20 of 28 (71.4%) for 201 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. It didn't help that Slay was injured and sat out much of the game, Jackson was picked on relentlessly from then on... a strategy the Lions never seem to take advantage of.

The Vikings managed to lose their game today, they are no longer a threat to win the division, even if they win their next 2 games and the Lions lose both of theirs. However. Should the Vikings beat the Packers next week it could have a great effect on the wild card teams. The Lions meanwhile play the Dallas Cowboys in their last away game of the regular season, a game that will affect first round playoff bye weeks. If both the Vikings and the Lions win next week the Lions clinch the division. Should the Lions lose to Dallas they can still clinch the division the last week of the season when they play the Packers at home. Two losses by the Lions ends their season and the Packers win the division. Hopefully that wasn't too many scenarios to confuse the issue.

Here's hoping the Lions get healthier, and Merry Christmas everyone.

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