Sunday, September 8, 2013

A short pre-game Lions note on Game 1 of 2013

Hopefully in a few hours I will be able to write a great blog entry on the Lions-Vikings game, the first of the regular 2013 season. By great I do mean of course, a win. So while I could go into excruciating detail on why I think the defense and special teams will improve greatly from last year, I think I'll just let the game speak for its self, especially since if I'm wrong it would be a complete waste of time. Sound like a cop out? Yeah, well, many fans are holding their breath this year as well, it's not just me. There are reasons to be optimistic, and probably just as many reasons to be pessimistic, so it would seem that most fans this year are completely unwilling to sink a lot of hope into the season before it starts, myself included.

That said, here is my prediction for the game: Vikings 16 Lions 24.

And here, my prediction for the season: 9-7 taking 2nd in the division and drafting 13th. Hopefully this is pessimistic as well and they do better then this.

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