Monday, March 11, 2013

Free Agency (the real one) begins Tuesday, March 12th at 4pm

The Detroit Lions will be busy trying to fill out their roster which is currently a long way from, shall we say, pretty. They haven't a lot of salary cap space but they can make moves to free up cap space and will do so as needed... there is no reason to make moves until needed when any move likely further strains cap space in future years. I have begun work on my Lions Depth Chart (link can always be found at and after studying it for a little while and trying some "what if's" I came up with the following shopping list:

The Lions are more or less in need of the following positions:

A starting running back and possibly a 2nd one for depth.
A couple of defensive ends.
An outside linebacker.
A couple of guys who can play safety.
A punter (likely an undrafted dude).
There is also going to be room on the roster for a defensive tackle to rotate in and a wide receiver.

Which are found in free agency and which are selected in the draft aren't nearly as critical as getting it right, this is where the front office needs to really bring up their game.

I've unfortunately been somewhere beyond extremely busy lately but I hope to turn the tide soon and make more blog posts, in the meantime you can visit my depth chart (make sure to go to the pre-free agency tab) if you have anything that can open an excel file and play around with scenario's of your own (if you click save it saves a copy to your computer leaving mine intact without any editing). The direct link is Depth Chart.xls

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