Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Lions have their 53... or do they.

After months of Organized Team Activities (OTAs), working out, meetings, summer camp, 4 pre-season games and 2 cut down days the Detroit Lions finalized their selections for their 2012 team. Then promptly picked up a player (Florence) who had been cut and to make room for him, let loose Ricardo Silva. Prior to that change my estimated roster was scored... getting 49 right. My best result to date.

Two of the players the Lions kept weren't even on the team when I made up my estimated depth chart a few weeks ago (prior to week 3 of pre-season, which I do every year at about that time).

The Lions had picked up WR Kasim Osgood after the 2nd preseason game and he remains on the roster instead of Patrick Edwards (who did land on the Lions practice squad). I am, of course, going by what I predicted, I have no idea what the Lions may have done had various players stepped up their special teams play.

The Lions also traded for DB Kevin Barnes causing Alphonso Smith to lose his job.

I had the Lions keeping Sean Jones but they opted for Ricardo Silva (as I said above, he lasted for one day or so).

Last, I had the Lions keeping 2 QBs and DE Everette Brown. The Lions opted to cut Brown and keep QB Kellen Moore as a third QB.

Keeping the older veteran players and releasing the younger players has already had one repercussion though... it has been reported the Lions are now over the salary cap and have until Wednesday to get into compliance.

I don't have contract figures for any of the new players (yet) so I can not confirm this, but I have no reason to believe it is in error. That means either some contracts are about to get re-worked (making issues for next year's cap) or a vet is going to be cut and/or traded.

In other words, the final 53 going into week 1 may not be all of these 53 players.

If you go to my depth chart and actually do a count you're going to add up more then 53 players. That's because Mikel LeShoure is suspended for 2 weeks and will not count against the roster until that time is served. In addition to him, Jahvid Best and Chris Greenwood are on PUP and won't count against the roster until 6 to 8 weeks into the season.

The current practice squad consists of:
Rodney Austin (G)
Carmen Messina (LB)
Ross Weaver (CB)
Stephfon Green (RB)
Patrick Edwards (WR)
Kris Durham (WR)
Lorenzo Washington (DE)
Shaun Chapas (RB)

You will note, that at least so far, no 2012 draft pick was cut. The Lions truly are trying to build through the draft.

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