Monday, August 29, 2011


Tom "Killer" Kowalski

I, ah, have written and re-written this first line more times then I can count. Nothing adequately describes what I want to say. My cyber-buddy Tom "Killer" Kowalski has passed away at the ripe old age of 51 (a mere 3 years my senior). Killer was more then just a cyber-buddy however, I have in fact met him, multiple times. I have read him pretty much daily for nearly 13 years. I have emailed him, twittered to or about him, managed to get him to follow me on twitter, conversed in forums and in chats, even managed to interrupt his rush to get a story out a time or two while attending Lions practices. While I can't say we exchanged Christmas gifts or anything, I can say we knew each other "professionally" and to some extent, personally.

His favorite movie is the Princess Bride. I have found myself watching it multiple times because of that. I have a bookmark, just in case it's needed in a forum or a chat (or an email) ...

If you know twitter you know his @ sign. If you never have been to twitter, try this link!/TomKowalski36 and just read a bit of what you can see on a persons twitter wall.

A new twitter account was created today, just to allow people to post up to 140 characters about the man (that's the maximum characters you can tweet in one tweet)!/RIPTomKowalski

MLive has a large number of tributes and blogs listed with various obits and goodbyes...

None of it seems to be quite enough, like my first line of this blog post I am utterly failing to come up with what is needed.

Perhaps this is why a moment of silence is often best... or perhaps I just need time... like Miracle Max says "You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles."

RIP Killer... and if you happen to get the ear of the big guy, well, first and foremost, don't tick him off and second, put in a good word for the Lions (hey, it can't hurt) and maybe skip the big women joke.

Well, in the immortal words of the man himself... Fellas, guess what time it is...