Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My first mock

I decided to take my top 100 big board that I recently completed and create a mock draft with it. However, I didn't want to do just any ole mock, everyone has a mock, I wanted to create something I hadn't seen before. It so different I wasn't even sure if I wanted to share it or not. However, in the end, I decided that unless I get feedback I can't improve upon the idea and really promote it next year. In the hopes that I can make something of it I created it's own domain name for it.


The premise is this, 4 mocks on one page, 2 rounds, using my custom top 100 big board and team needs, but not using the same player more then once for the same team... so 4 different options (hopefully 4 legitimate options) each round per team.

Let me know what you think or shoot me your questions.


Shakers Jacobson said...

Cool idea. I'm curious, though. You don't think there's a chance Cam Newton goes #1 overall? That threw me off.

NetRat's Lions Blog said...

As of the time I put it together I had Newton as 16th on my board, with Gabbert ranked higher. I was quite certain up until the day of the draft that Carolina wasn't going to go with Newton. Surprise surprise.

At least I didn't have Dalton at 12 like Gosselin did :-)

But seriously, one thing I learned was that doing a mock and not updating it right up to the draft won't work. Bowers knee info and Newton's certainty of being taken didn't really come out until the morning of the draft. The new trick will be figuring out what ifno is pure rumor and what info is accurate.

I also need to tweak my ranking system... I'm going to save that for a later analysis.