Thursday, November 26, 2009

Game 11 - 2009 Packers @ Home on Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Well, perhaps being happy might be too much to ask for some, especially those on the 53 man Lions roster. Still, it was a nice start to the day. Turkey's in the oven, Lions get a turnover right off the bat and take the lead, got to see my oldest for only the second time since August.

Then the day started getting a little worse. Kid got her car stuck in the rain soaked mucky yard (don't ask me why the car was in the yard instead of the driveway), Lions started giving up plays after holding their own for a little while, and the pie crust was totally stuck to the pan and would not come out.

All of these things are or will be fixed. Neighbor helped pull the car out and with a strong enough knife the pie was chiseled out (looking a little rough for wear but still very tasty). Even the Lions will be fixed, it just will take a little more time. Something that would be easier to give if it wasn't for the last 9 years of Millen-ball.

Speaking of which, let us all be thankful that Matt is no longer in charge of player acquisition for the Detroit Lions. Every time I see his mug on television I completely tune him out. But I digress...

The team roster is still in need of more talent as we all knew. Some of the new free agent acquisitions are going to help the team in the future, and some of them will not. The rookies are learning, the coaches are learning, the fans will catch on eventually, those who haven't already. This year was not and never was about winning games so much as getting everyone on the same page to see who can help now, who will help eventually, and who just aren't going to be a part of things down the road.

Yes, the Lions lost. But I got to watch most of the game with my 6 month old granddaughter and part of the game with my 3 month old grandson, so the Thanksgiving day traditions of family and Lions football continue in the NetRat household... and THAT I am thankful for.

The final evaluation of the talent on the roster can wait until the season ends.

I sincerely hope you too are having a family filled Thanksgiving.

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