Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bye Week

Just some odds and ends (this entry may get edited/added to over the next few days).

First, my prediction as posted in my forum for those who haven't visited there.

Lions Prediction Contest
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The deadline is in 1 hour and a couple minutes. Since I won't have the entries up until after the game sometime, I wanted to post my entry here before the game so no one calls "shennanigans" on me.

4th in Division
13th Draft Pick

This part isn't required, but here is my line of thinking....

Games they win are:



That's 1-5 at the bye week, a long start but a nice 5-5 finish.

I am 5 for 5 so far, of course, predicting the Lions to lose hasn't been that difficult this decade. Still, IF Stafford gets healthy I am staying with my 6 wins prediction... but I might change which games if I had the chance to do so. My expectations are based on my belief that a team starting so many rookies would get better after a rocky start as the year goes on. The rocky start was exactly as I figured, now we'll see if my assumption that they will learn from it and take off on a 5-5 "rampage" will hold.

Second. Even though Stafford has a long way to go (as a rookie he should) I must admit he is proving to be much better this year then I had ever expected. The offense isn't the same without him.

Third. The defense misses Sammie Hill. He and Levy are two D guys that are also proving to be much better in their rookie year then I (or probably anyone) had expected.

Fourth. I expect that the 2010 draft will be heavily debated (again) in most Lions forums. Even though I would love to take a dominate left tackle with the 1st round pick, it's looking more and more like the Lions will (and should) go either DE or CB... and DT has to be thrown in there as well. I'm not talking the "rest of the draft", just their first pick, which at this time I still think will not be in the top 10 (most will not agree with me there, so be it).


SomeChoi said...

Given that your win-loss prediction was before the season, would you change the games you think we could win if you could give your predictions now? The Vikes and Bengals games look like dangerous predictions. However, the Seahawks game looks more winnable now.

NetRat's Lions Blog said...

The Vikings game is still winnable as long as the Lions actually do blitz more (as they said they were going to do during preseason but really haven't done that much of so far). Favre can be beat only if you blitz, and often.

The Bengals game does look a lot tougher now, so yes, I'd probably swap that game and the Seahawks game around if that were possible. Still a shootout offensive game between CJ and ocho-cinco would be fun to watch if both teams could find their groove that game.