Friday, March 20, 2009

Lions draft strategy (as I see it today)

1. They want to trade down. They know they aren't likely to get any offers but they are feigning interest in the top 4 talents equally (almost) to make it seem as though they will or could take any one of them, just in case some other team falls for a guy and is willing to move up.

2. They would take Stafford (or Sanchez) here if they felt he was truly their QB of the future for the team. I do not believe that has happened. I believe they are looking at him in depth to verify not that they should take him but that they are right not to take him. Meanwhile, they also get more of #1 above in at the same time.

3. The Lions want to draft Curry. They do not, however, want to pay him a #1 contract. The odds of the agent going below the slotted amount (based on last year's #1 contract) is very very low. They are still trying every trick in the book though to get the young man to agree to a LB friendly contract at #1. It may even work... I had doubted it completely just a week ago, now, I'm starting to wonder... if it were up to Curry alone it may be a non-issue, but it is not up to Curry alone, players don't pay an agent all that money and not listen to them. No LB friendly contract and the ruthless Mayhew goes on to plan c.

4. (Plan C). They will take a LT, I am not yet sure if it'll be Monroe or J Smith. Last year's coaching staff would've gone with Smith. This year's, probably Monroe. Monroe's knees are no longer an issue, and Smith says all the right things. I have gone back and forth with the two myself, today I'm leaning toward Monroe as the pick.

So, it's trade if possible but not likely. Verified they do not want a QB. Taking Curry if the contract is right. Taking Monroe (LT) at #1 if there is no trade and no LB friendly contract.

That is (currently) the way I see it.


Shakers Jacobson said...

Makes undeniable perfect sense. Thanks NetRat.

DetFan1979 said...

Still think Curry is in the mix if the contract is right?

They haven't been saying much about him, but looks like he is going 3 or 4 -- if they offer him #3 money -- think he'd take it and the honor of #1 overall, plus being a superstar chacne to shine on a Lions D where he steps in as a starter?

His agent could point out that his LB client went #1 overall, isn't that impressive? Even if they go slightly above the #3 money slotted in... Does his agent turn that down, and then look stupid if he drops to 6 or 7 and loses out on Millions??

High stakes game of chicken, and I personally hope Curry makes his agent blink because I don't think Mayhew is going to. (one more reason no Stafford)

NetRat's Lions Blog said...

I hope for a LB friendly contract.

I just do not foresee it happening. 4% of how many millions are we talking about? Where's the incentive for the agent. And players do listen to their agents, why else pay them all that money?