Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some draft thoughts.

LB. The Lions "could" start the season with Lewis at SSLB and Lenon at MLB, similar to last year. They want to and need to upgrade at least one of those positions, but, Marinelli tends to not start rookies at key positions. Thus, I truly believe they will draft a LB that can start at SSLB assuming he can beat out Lewis for that job, then he will get moved to MLB next year. I truly believe that Lenon IS the MLB this year unless the draft pick is stellar and beats Lenon out (moving Lenon to SSLB). Mayo, Rivers and Connor seem to have "it" but I am not ready to bet the farm on that just yet.

DE. The Lions "could" play White, Smith, 5-0 and DeVries but that combo didn't get a decent pass rush at all last year. A pass rush is CRITICAL to this defense. Fixing the LB and CB spots won't matter if there is no pass rush. Again, Marinelli has a tendency to not start rookies, and rookie DEs tend to not be dominate their first year. I'm looking for a ready made immediate starter like Harvey, Gholston or Long... or someone who will be lucky to be activated and rotate in this year.

RB. Calhoun and Cason as depth behind Bell is a horrid thought. The lions must MUST get another RB and the guy HAS TO beat out either Calhoun or Cason for a job... then preferably be able to take the job away from Bell as well. Rookies can play RB fairly well (except for blitz pickups usually) and of any draft pick I would think the RB has the best chance of actually becoming a starter.

RT. The Lions are set at Guard. A drafted guard has almost no chance of making the roster. They like Raoila. They love Backus. That leaves RT. They have Foster and Scott. They may not play a rookie here anyway. The Oline is pretty much set (in the Lions' eyes, not mine) but they will get a tackle for depth and we can only hope the guy can earn a starting job sometime this year.

DT. I do not see a solid DT group on the team. I truly feel they need to draft a decent DT who can first make the team, then make the active roster for the games, then help in the rotation.

I see no reason to draft a TE, Guard, Center, WR, S or CB unless the guy has a reasonable chance of taking a roster spot away from someone who is more or less nearly guaranteed to make the team. That last WR or CB spot who can be the return guy does have some potential, and I hope they do try to go that route.

LB, DE, RB, RT, DT and a return guy. Potentially 2 starters (RB and Return guy) potentially 2 rotate in (DE, DT) and the LB will need to be VERY good to see the field (barring injuries).

I'm not trying to be "down" on the Lions. This is truly how I see it.

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