Saturday, December 1, 2007

Couple thoughts... on 2007 and 2008

First, the Lions are not winning or losing the games I expected them to, and at this point in time I had them at 7-4, losing the next 3, and winning only one more. Instead, they are 6-5, and can potentially win more then 2 more and make the playoffs. It won't be easy, but they have lost some games this year they could have won with better play from various members of the team.

Having said that, my first thoughts of the coming off season are like this:

In free agency look to retain some of the current depth who will hit free agency without new contracts, and also look around the league for a starting cornerback, a starting linebacker, and a starting right tackle. It is unlikely they will be able to do this all in one year, but it sure would take care of some "holes".

After that, go into the draft trading and targeting players to take the job of starting DE (bye-bye Kalimba Edwards), potentially (as in eventually) starting linebackers, O-Tackle (bye-bye Backus), Center (bye-bye Raoila), and cornerback.

That'll leave a few picks to locate an honest to goodness speedy, dependable, return man.

Now, this is all going to change as things progress of course, but this is my preliminary line of thinking on the 1st of December 2007.

Oh, and why am I thinking that the only two reliable players on the O-Line need to be replaced? Because the O-Line has stunk for all 7 Millen years and there are only two constants ... Backus and Raoila. Mulitalo is doing very well, so neither can use the excuse that the LG needed help.

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