Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pre-Draft opinions

Okay, my FA post was a little better then my coaching post. Now for the draft.

I truly don't believe the Lions want any of the "Fab 5" players (Russell, Quinn, Peterson, CJ or Thomas). If they are stuck at #2 they may consider Thomas, CJ or Russell - in that order - but I think in the end they would just nab the guy they are trageting if they trade down, and that is Gaines Adams.

I expect they will listen to many offers, and then take the Tampa offer, even if it's no the best one, simply because they don't want to miss out on drafting Adams.

I foresee DE, MLB and DB as first day picks. All the mocks have the Lions taking a QB at some point the first day, but I don't see that happening UNLESS they do trade McCown away... and even then I'm thinking they'll wait until day two, they seem to trust Orlovsky in the backup role... as he nearly won that job last year in training camp.

I expect the Lions to move around using those 5th round picks as ammo. Targeting players that may or may not make it to their next draft spot. So while they are still drafting BPA, I expect them to actually target for need and make moves to match.

My pure draft guess comes to this then: DE, DB, MLB, DB, OT, and a DT

Yep, only one offensive player and 5 defense (after trades).

Now to wait 10 more days and see how it actually plays out.

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